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Hello, my iphone4s 's 7 months old, 2 days ago when the battery came to notify me at 10% i stopped using it and later it was turned off by itself. When i got home and plugged it in the charger it couldn't start up at all.I tried to press "HOME" and the "POWER" buttons for 10-20s but it couldn't start up or show anything. I bought my phone to apple store, the technician just checked( i don't know how he did but in just 30s) and he told me that there was proof that there was water in my phone and asked me if i wanted to change the phone then i had to pay 199 euro. I didn't accept that because the phone's never ever been in water intentionally or accidentally. He tried to hold the "HOME" and "POWER" buttons pressed but the screen was still blank later on the way home i found that the screen came with notification of low battery and symbol of charger but when i plugged in the charger the phone couldn't charge.

The day after i came to apple store again the technician checked again for 20s and he said something in my phone was red and he said there must have been water in the phone. I explained to him that the phone's never been in water and i told him that i still used the phone until its battery went flat and couldn't start up or charge.

I have a doubt about the battery and hereafter are symtoms of my phone before it became a brick.

Symtoms : 1. i had to charge it 2, sometimes 3 times a day.
                 2. The night before it couldn't start up, it was fully charged and in the morning it was 67% with wifi on in sleep mode.


I'm wondering if it's my fault or the product's itself and as the phone's just 7 months old do i have to pay 199 euro for the new one or it's apple's responsibility to change a new one for me without paying?

Thank you for reading, hope you could help me with this.

Have a nice day!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    The iPhone contains two sensors that change colors when  contacted by liquid. High humidity and sweat can set them off. See:

    iPhone and iPod: Liquid damage is not covered by warranty

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    Unfortuantely it sounds like some humidity issue has caused some liquid damage, possibly in your charger port area.  Have you ever had the phone in bathroom with you when having a bath?


    I had poor battery issues with my phone and the first thing they did when I got to Genius bar was check for water damage (luckily that was all fine).  After that, because of the issue with not being able to power off and poor battery they replaced my phone. They wouldn't ask for the money unless there is water damage there.  Water damage doesn't necessarily mean you soaked it in water, just a few droplets from somewhere have entered the port.  Unfortunately, according to warranty terms and conditions if you want it replacing you will probably have to pay them.