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Hi, my 3gs is three years old almost (March 2010) I want to exchange it because my external speaker module is not working. I did go to an Apple store before the IPhone 5 came out and was told it would be 149.99 to replace the phone (Since it isn't a fixab;le problem) Now that the 5 is out, how much would it be to replace my 3gs?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.1, Went to update but it is stuck
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    The same price you were quoted before.


    Repair Pricing section - http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/service/faq/


    iPhone model     Out-of-Warranty Service


    iPhone 5    $229
    iPhone 4S     $199
    iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Original iPhone     $149

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    Okay then, Thank you. I will just throw it out and go with a nokia. Thanks for the help.

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    Wait a little bit longer and get the Nokia with Windows RT or Windows 8, far better than what is available now.


    But the price is the same for replacing it unless you specifically buy insurance. So when you break the Nokia and they don't replace it for less you can get a Droid...and then when the same thing occurs with it you can get a BlackBerry...

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    The 3gs was a great phone. One morning the speaker just quit. It isn't a big thing. well except for hearing a phone call or iheart radio or gamne sounds. The headphone jack works fine. I just need a phone that actually makes sound. 

    I do understand that if I break my phone that I will need to replace it. I also understand that if I drop it, or get it wet and do not have insurance I will have to replace it at my cost. This just quit. Probaly just age or who knows. I have babied this phone from the day I bought it. In a case, screen protector from the very first day.

    I get it, nothing lasts anymore. And unfortuantly, cell phones are now a disposable commodity.

    I'm not asking for a free phone. I just do not have the 149.00 to spend on a three year old phone at this moment in time, I will suffer through untill such time as I can afford a new phone, that will hopefully last longer than 2 and ahlf years.


    Thanks though.

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    Also note that the 149 is for a replacment phone and not a repair of your old one and it will come with a 90 day warranty.

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    The Genius did mention the 90 day I think. But thank you again.

    I still have to wait though, mortgage and all those pesky bills come first.

    Have a great day. and thank you ALL for your help.

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    Honestly, before I would fork over $149 for a replacement 3GS, I would see what deals my carrier has to offer.  Assuming you're not under contract, you can get a 4 for free or a 4S for $99 with a 2yr contract from the major carriers.


    Either would be a huge hardware upgrade, have additional features in iOS6 that the 3GS does not get, and come with a full 1yr warranty.  Not to mention both are less expensive than a replacement 3GS.

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    If i would change it to the free iPhone 4, would it come with the 2 year contract as well?

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    how would we know?   Ask your carrier.