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I have told my wife and daughter to hold off on the upgrade of their iPad2s to IOS6 for now.  There is no way that I want to deal with the heat and light that would suddenly appear if they had any WIFI problems.


It seems that there are plenty of iPad users with WIFI problems after the upgrade, and also plenty with no problems at all.  I see the same issues with the MacBook Pro and the Mountain Lion upgrade (BTW, my Mountain Lion upgrade resulted in no problems at all).  This leads me to think that there has to be some common cause for the failures that can be identified.  Otherwise everybody would be having the same problems.  So, I have 2 questions:


1) Can those who have had no problems at all give the rest of us some insight into your environment to see if we can fix our problem, or delay upgrading until we have a comparable environment setup?


2) Can those with failures identify their setup (router, any special network settings, were you able to fix, what version of iPad)?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    Folks that have found fixeas are routinely posting. You will need to browser or search the forum to find the threads in question.


    As for any useful information around environment for those of use who are having no issues? Not really practical with out knowing where the issues might be, really.

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    The reason I am asking is becuase I see for every post of something that worked many responses essentially saying "I tried it and it didn't work for me.".  In addition, there is very little information on the router model and type of protection (WPA, WPA-2, open ..., is the network SSID broadcast?) used on the network.  The same is true for posts that indicate "I had no problems at all, it just worked".


    I was hoping that maybe some common threads would show up, but I haven't seen any yet.  Maybe you have, and can provide some insight that would either remove my hesitation, or justify it.

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    I feel a lot more comfortable dealing with OS-X and Windows problems than IOS problems.  I can dig into the file systems on the computers, but tablets are a closed book.  I can always figure out a way to back-out the update to a desktop or notebook computer but not an iPad.


    Again if anybody has some insight into this I would appreciate a post.

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    There are not going to be any great insights to be had.  Many upgrade with no issues apparently, but some percentage - one one knows how many - do have problems.  The latter group has no choice but to thrash about trying for various work-arounds to get their IOS devices working again.  I just bought a WiFi only iPad 3 with IOS 5 and absolutley will not upgrade until Apple releases a definitive fix for the Wifi issues they created in IOS 6.  I get that they won't acknowledge the problem until after they fix it and I am fine waiting.  Even if the risk of issues is relatively low, they could effectively brick my device since we have no option to downgrade

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    Funny. There were the same types of post about WiFi problems and complaints when iOS 5 came out. And when 4 came out....

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    So are you saying that those complaints were all made up too? Or did Apple just quietly fix them in a point update without saying they did - which is a typical move for both Apple and other vendors?  There were lots of complaints about slow performance at the release of Lion (I was affected), but things were much better after 10.7.1 was released a month later.  Apple made no mention of addressing performance issues but.....

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    I'm waiting for iOS 6.1 before I update my iPad 2. iOS 6 doesn't add much for the iPad 2 and deletes YouTube app and Google Maps app.


    iOS 6: Which software features does my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch support?



     Cheers, Tom

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    Basically, like most previous iOS updates, the vast majority of users are experiencing to problems whatsoever. And comments suggestion the update is "broken" or bad or should be avoided are a bit misguided.

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    I never used the word "broken" but since you brought it up.. 


    When a function that worked fine before ceases to after an update that update is indeed "broken"  for the affected user. It is not the users fault -  they are not making it up, and they have every right to expect the vendor to fix the problem. If you have ever worked in software you would know that many bugs only affect a minority of users under specific circumstances. It's the job of the vendor to figure out what is wrong, resolve the problem, and not blame the user. 

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    I never said the users were making anything up. However, the idea that a small (VERY small) segment of users experiencing issues indicates an OS is broken is ridiculous (and yes, I have been doing IT work for over 20 years, including software design and support). There very likely is no single fix for an identified symptom:


    1. Many users will misdiagnose the issues or describe them incorrectly. The average iPad user probably doesn't really understand how they work.
    2. Clearly a high percentage are a matter of integration with other devices such as wireless routers, or even more problematic cable/ISP provided modems which are typically crap and seldom get firmware updates. iOS "fixes" aren't going to fix that.
    3. Past history is not a matter of Apple quietly fixing iOS, but a matter of the problems, or the noise, fades as users figure out where things have gone wrong, locate simple fixes, etc.
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    silvergc wrote:


    1) Can those who have had no problems at all give the rest of us some insight into your environment to see if we can fix our problem, or delay upgrading until we have a comparable environment setup?

    I have had absolutely no problems with WiFi anywhere that I have use any network anywhere that I have been since I upgraded to iOS 6. I don't know how you can factor this it no any compilation of data that you might want to use in your analysis, but I update my iPad OTA in my office at work - using my 6 year old iMac as the hotspot for the WiFi connection and when the update completed, the iPad immediately recognized the ad home network with no issues at all.


    When I went home after work, my iPad immediately recognized and connected to my home WiFi network using  5 year old Linksys Wireless-G router that has never - and I stress never - had a firmware upgrade in the 5 years that I have owned it.


    I was able to connect to a WiFi network at Disneyworld recently, at the Pittsburgh Airport, the Orlando Airport, at home, at my office, at my brother-in-laws house and everywhere that I have used the iPad since I updated.

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    You also have to realize that this is an area where users come for troubleshooting problems with their iPads. You will not see the other millions of users here to post "oh ios6 works like a gem". People only come here when they are experiencing problems, so you see only those posts.



    Ios6 for me- zero problems. Have connected to many private and public wifis.

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    Neither you nor I have any way of saying how many users are affected.


    Agree on 1 - typical users are not techies - especially Apple users, which is why Apple has an even greater obligation to insulate them from these thorny edge cases. People pay more for the promise that they won't have spend hours getting basic things to work.


    On 2, virtually all wifi issues are matters of integration since wifi doesnt function in a vacuum.  But if an IOS 5 device that previously worked fine on wifi infrastructure as it is found in the field starts seeing issues after upgrading to IOS 6 then the issue lies with iOS 6 . All of the "fixes" suggested here have been workarounds not fixes. It's great that they are available to those who already have a problem, but none of the solutions offered here offer any assurance that an affected user won't have problems at the next hotspot they encounter that they would not have had with IOS 5.


    Have to disagree on 3. if Apple didn't do this they would be pretty much they only major vendor who didn't.