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I am tossing my old e-mac but want to make sure the hard drive data can't be read. I am unable to format the drive. I've torn most of the front off but too much work to take the whole thing out. Can I pour something on it? Beat it with a hammer or what? This will go out into the alley for the metal scrap picker-uppers. Thanks much...  Yes, I will give it a farewell memorial.

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    You really should take it to recycling.  Scrappers will break the tube to get to the copper and leave the lead coated glass scattered in your alley to get in your tires and pollute the ground with lead.  I don't mind the scrappers taking stuff here but they leave such a mess and are not environmentally responsible in what they do so I deliberately make sure they do not get to things.

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    I strongly believe in recycling. I've always considered our scrappers as recyclers. They take 'everything' in the alley that has any metal on it. Never have had any thing left broken.  HOWEVER, your reminder of the tubes with lead coated glass hadn't crossed my mind.  So I did some additional reseach and found a company 'ForeRunner Recycling' a nationwide recycling corporation who does recycling for FREE, even for the general public. They also made it clear that I don't need to worry about my hard drive datum.


    Thanks so much!!

    Liz - Denver