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I can not get my iPhone to sync ICAL with my Macbook Pro computer (running on OSX 10.7.5).  Problems started after recently after updating the iphone operating system to IOS 6. Using itunes, everything syncs but ICAL. After a long time of trying to sync with ICAL, a message comes up indicating that “Itunes could not sync calendars to the iPhone because an error occurred remapping record identifiers.”


As suggested, I tried syncing again, and replacing the calendars on the iPhone from the Info Tab in the iPhone preferences, and it does not work. After deleting the calendar from the iPhone by unselecting the Sync Calendars option in the Info Tab (in itunes) and removing the previously synced calendars, and trying to replace calendar (advance option under the Info tab), now I do not have the ICal screen in the iPhone (when tapping the app) just stays in blank (actually gray).


I also tried reseting the sync history in the Mac and did not work.


There is also an issue with the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars Settings in the iPhone.. When accessing this setting (within the Settings App in the iPhone), it initially shows up, but when you try to scroll down to the calendars option the app freezes up and does not respond to anything until it then crashes and goes to the home menu in the iPhone. I think these issues are related.


Apple – please do something about this. The iPhone is halfway useless without this.

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