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I couldn't think of a better group to post this in so if you think you might know of a better place, that may help too.  But what I need is to find a Mac application that will allow me to:


Record to a wave file (or open an existing one) and then have it automatically search for the silence between the tracks so that it can then mark each track, allow me to name each track, and then automatically save each track to a separate file wave file.


I have a FREE Windows program that does EXACTLY that!  It's a GREAT little app called CD Wave!  Roxio CD Creator for nor Nero for Windows do quite as good of a job as this tiny little program.  It's has a simple interface, but is very powerful indeed for a Freeware/Shareware application! 


I need to find something in the Mac world that is comparable to this program.  Surely there MUST be a Mac app that's this cool!  Please someone, point me in the right direction to find it!


Thanks in advanced!


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