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I'm trying to play newly dowloaded content from the iTunes Store on my Macbook Air and the "This Movie Requires Quicktime which is not supported by this version of iTunes" error is displayed.


I have the most up to date version of every piece of software known to man on my Macbook and for the life of me cannot figure out why this message is popping up and not allowing me to play my content.


Any advice would be appreciated.



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iPhone
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    Try relaunching iTunes in 32-bit mode first, as per the instructions in the following document:


    iTunes for Mac: Older media files may require iTunes to reopen in 32-bit mode

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    Don't for iTunes into 32-bit mode...


    Here is what I did


    Using a Mac


    1.  Copy the movie to your desktop from iTunes

    2.  Delete the movie in iTunes, DON'T keep the file

    3.  Drag / Drop movie back into iTunes

    4.  Should fix it


    Using an iOS Device


    1.  Delete the movie from iTunes

    2.  Download the movie again from your iOS Device

    3.  Sync the iOS device to iTunes

    4.  Transfer purchases

    5.  Should fix it

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    I have just tried what you suggested, and it works well, but then i discovered there is no need to move the files.

    So skip point 1

    2 Delete the movie in Itunes, BUT keep the file

    3 Click File add to library and browse to your media folder where your files are downloaded from Itunes and selct the movie file.


    Job Done


    My Library and media files are on a NAS drive and in advanced preferences I have selected not to copy files to media folder when adding to library. Hope this works for others.