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Apologies for the over dramatic thread title but at times thats how it feels. 


When it works I love Aperture. I use it to store and organise my photos for use on other devices and for displaying on my MBP (I keep original images stored elsewhere).  I use it for editing the vast majority of my photos.  My favourite photos are edited in PhotoShop where I go into abit more detail but for the most part Aperture is ideal.


However more and more it is becoming completely unusable.  Whenever I open it it takes over my machine and all activity is frozen until Aperture sorts itself out (usually after a few minutes).  It constantly tries to work by "importing" for example without me even doing anything.  Its unresponsive at times and woefully delayed other times.


I've had a search and read some stuff from people with similar problems.


Is this still relevant?




Other than that is there any more info I can provide for you to help me solve this? 




I know I could increase the RAM but I think there are other issues that I would like to address also.


I have a 2011 i5 MBP 13" running Mountain Lion with 4GB of RAM, 500GB HD.


Thank you.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Probably more RAM will help. If your Mac is not maxed out with 4GB RAM go for it.


    Have you checked with Activity Viewer (in Applications > Utilities >Activity Monitor.app) how much RAM Aperture and other Applications are using, also how many disk outs?


    Another reason for a very slow mac when Aperture is running, may be an overful System drive.  If your disk gets full (less than 10 GB free space) the decrease in performance will be dramatic; you should keep more than that free.


    The article you pointed to, names many valuable trouble shooting measures, but recreating your library is wasteful, also deleting all your presets, if are not sure, what the problem is. Try to narrow down the problem, before sacrificing your presets or your library.


    When did this problem start? A gradual decrease in performance may be due to insufficient hardware, RAM, disk space.


    One or more of your projects may be too large. Your library may be gigantic, but keep the projects small.


    Your library may be corrupted; this may happen, if Aperture crashed or you force quit the application.

    Have you tried to repair permissions and to repair the library lately? If not, then try that as a routine maintainance measure.

    See: Aperture 3 User Manual: Repairing and Rebuilding Your Aperture Library


    You may have imported one bad image or video, that Aperture cannot process. This will typically cause Aperture to hang on launch, trying over and over again to process this image or video.

    In that case it will help to hold down the shift⇧ key while launching Aperture. Then it will not try to render previews for corrupted images.


    If Aperture is wasting time "Importing" on startup, this may be caused by imports from web journals (Facebook, flickr, (shared) Photostreams) and rendering previews and scanning for faces. If you do not really need these feature disable them for a while.

    Or is your Aperture still trying to connect to Mobile Me? Then remove all references to Mobile Me from your system , if you still have MobileMe in your Aperture Web Preferences.


    You can check, if your Aperture Library is causing the problem, by creating a new, empty Library and experimenting with it for a while.


    And to make sure, that none of your presets and preferences in your user account are making trouble, open Aperure in a different user account: create a second user account from the "Users&Groups" preferences panel and launch Aperture from this new account. Import some testimages and see what happens.


    Does your Aperture Library contain any smart albums imported from iPhoto? And where is your library located? On an internal or external volume? Referenced or managed?








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    Thank you for that very informative and useful reply.  I will work my way through your suggestions.


    I have decided to upgrade the RAM too as its not too expensive.

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    You are welcome. Good Luck!


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    Hi Leonie,


    Thanks again for your many suggestions.


    Unfortunately I still seem to be plagued with Aperture troubles that I cannot shake.  I do have  more RAM on the way but it hasn't arrived yet.


    I worked through your suggestions and feel I covered most of it but Aperture still cannot cope with simple tasks, such as flicking between images, with spinning the beachball and hanging up my whole machine for up to a minute at a time.


    My system drive has plenty of free space (200gb free of 500gb)


    When sitting idle Aperture uses very little RAM, as tested in Activity Monitor.  I quickly try to switch between Aperture and Activity Monitor when asking Aperture to complete a task.  I've seen it up at 80% CPU usage.


    I've tried to repair permissions and the library as recommended by Apple.


    I deleted my preferences list and reinstalled.


    Aperture library is located locally and is referenced.  All of my projects are fairly small (100 photos max) and are categorised under folders


    The only web 'link' is with Facebook as I upload directly to there from Aperture.  No links to Mobile Me etc and no Iphoto Smart Albums

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    TheScotty7 wrote:


    I've tried to repair permissions and the library as recommended by Apple.

    Did you try or did you do both?  Go ahead to step three: rebuild your Library (back up first).  Then close Aperture, reboot, open Aperture, and let it sit unmolested for a few hours.  (Yes, this is voodoo, but it has helped in the past.  There are activities Aperture does that are not reported in Aperture's Activity window.)


    Do you have any Photo Streams or any Albums shared on-line (Facebook, etc.)?

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    Have tried the recent upgrade to Aperture 3.4.2? This is supposed to have fixed some performance issues.

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    Yes I have many albums created and edited in Aperture that I have published to Facebook.  Photostreams only shared with my other devices (Iphone and Ipad)


    I did both but I haven't proceeded with step 3.  I'll go ahead and see what happens.



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    Hi Leonie,


    Yes I upgraded to 3.4.2 today and was crossing my fingers it would help but sadly no joy.


    I've since noticed some random strange behaviour from Aperture.  For example occasionally when I click 'brush burn in' it will open a new image and leave the one I'm working on.


    Its bizarre and frustrating in equal measures, especially when it takes 3 minutes to delete an image.  Hopefully my new Ram arrives tomorrow and makes a difference.