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I have 8 gig of photos on my windows pc.  I want to put these on my ipad.  Below are a few questions.


if i take a photo using the camera - where is it stored? - roll or stream or both - whats the difference

again if I receieve a photo by email.


I only have 1 device, so is it worth having them in the stream - or is this for sharing?  As you can tell I dont quite understansd whats happening here.


If in the stream? could I share a folder or picture with the girlfriends ipad?




If i put the pictures on a card and copy them to my ipad - again where will they go regards the above and getting backed up.


I read that they last 30 days? and up to 1000 photos - after 30 days do they dissapear or only from the stream? again help.





once uploaded, i take it they are on the hard drive (flash), so I could back them up using dropbox or skydrive - therefore they would be on my ipad and secure on the microsoft cloud?




any help appreciated


iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1