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Hello i want to mod blackops zombies for mac i downloaded blackops from the mac appstore and theres only mods for other versions that are not from the mac app store does any one knows how to mod blackops mac appstore version thanks

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    There are some other ways I think, but this will work:..(well, I hope so)


    Download wallpapers HD lite from the appstore, than click the little ''box-with-paper'' icon under the ''get''-button.


    It will open a finder-window, click on the ''view-in-rows''-button (to show the files in rows from left to right)


    than go left (or ''back") till you see the ''containers''-file.


    Above the ''containers''-file is a file called ''application support''. Open that file.


    Inside the ''Application support''-file is a file called ''call of duty black ops''


    Than go to ''players''.


    for the rest go to thid video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHJN9RsLECw


    Go to 01.25.


    from that moment you can do what the man..(i suppose)in the video is doing.


    Good Luck!


    (sory for my bad english...i'm dutch)