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Several months ago, I set up mail just fine on my computer and iPhone 3GS. I'm trying to set it up on my husband's 3GS and keep getting an error message. I go to settings, iCloud, slide the slider to turn on mail, select create free account, and it says "Problem Turning On Mail" and in smaller font, "There was a problem turning on your email, try again."


My husband hasn't used his me account for anything more than iTunes, and maybe an occasional email. Does iCloud need to be set up first on his computer, before his phone. If so, we're ordered and are waiting for Lion. He's got an older macbook pro (2006), and I was told by apple it can't run anything further than that. I can use his log in and password to access iCloud on my computer. He just wants it on his phone now.


So, do we need to wait to install Lion and set up iCloud on his computer first, or is there something I'm not doing correctly to set iCloud up on his phone. We

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    I'm not sure why you are getting this error when trying to set up iCloud email on his phone but you do not need to sync your computer with iCloud in order to use iCloud email on your phone.  All you need to do is set up a valid iCloud account on the phone.  If deleting the account and trying to set it up again doesn't get it to work, set up an appointment with the genius bar at a nearby apple store and have them take a look at it.