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I upgraded my IPhone 4 to iOS 6 a day or so after the iOS 6 release. The mail app worked fine until this morning. Now when I try to launch it shows a white screen for a few seconds and then crashes.  Tried all variations of hard reboot, switching phone on/off, closing all applications etc. with no joy.


My wife's iPhone 4 and my iPad 3 ( which use the same E-Mail accounts as are on my iPhone) have not as yet developed similar problems.


I have been updating apps as they become available and as far as I recall have not installed any apps recently which one would expect to impact my E-Mail.


Anyone else with similar problems or preferably suggestions as to how to fix?  This is a real pain as when I am travelling I use my iPhone all the time to keep up with my E-mail.

iPhone 4, iOS 6, Mail app crashes