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I take a photo with my iPhone.  (It has latest updates)

Photos are not automatically going to photo stream as they were before I updated devices.

Therefore, they are also not showing up in my iPhoto photo stream on Macbook Pro.

My setting for photo stream are on.

My Macbook Pro has OS-10.8.2

I believe all settings are correct to communicate or sync with the cloud and photo stream is on.


So, I e-mail the photo from iPhone to myself.

When I open the attachment in mail on my Macbook Pro and chose "save/add to iPhoto" from drop down tab, nothing happens.  Not even a notification.  This feature no longer works.


Perhaps it's me but Apple seems to have become far more complicated as they try to streamline operations for us.  Getting rid of Mobile Me was long over due.  I experience far too many bugs with icloud and new OS systems on my macbook pro and iPhone



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Apologies for any typing errors!

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    What happens if you save the attachment from your email to your "Downloads" folder, then drag it from Downloads into iPhoto?


    That's not meant as a solution - more of a diagnostic to figure out what's going on.

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    Yes. This is what I have been doing - drag and then drop into iPhoto Library

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    OK - you have two separate problems.


    1. Mail's "send to iPhoto" command is currently not working. It doesn't work for me either, though it did not long ago. So this is a new problem, you can use the "feedback" form to report it to Apple. Click the "Mail" menu in Mail, then choose "provide mail feedback" - it will also send Apple some information about your accounts, in case that's relevant.

    Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 11.55.46 AM.png


    2. Photostream. This is a completely separate problem, and you'll need to provide more details about what's happening.  Take a look at a couple of things, and tell what you see:

    • on the iPhone, snap a picture. Then go to the "Photos" app, and tap the "Photostream" (cloud) icon. Do you see the latest photo there?
    • on the Mac, take a photo with photobooth then click the "share" ( box with arrow icon) and send the photo to iPhoto. Now go into iPhoto, and click the "photostream" icon in the left column. Is the new photo there?
    • and the obvious questions (which I'm assuming the answer is "no" - but it doesn't hurt to ask again) - when you look on the phone in Photostream, do you see the picture you just took on the Mac, and on the Mac do you see the picture you just took on the phone?
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    So, I did take photo with iPhoto and indeed it is in my photo stream on the iphone.  It is in Macbook photo stream. But there other day I took numerous photos wiith my iPhone and not one is in Photo Stream


    Something weird, for some reason I do not have iChat on my macbook.

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    Sounds like it's working then - probably something you did earlier fixed it, and you're just noticing the results now. If you want to, you can tap a photo that is missing from photostream, then tap the "share" icon and send it to photostream manually.


    Also something to keep in mind - I think the photos don't get sent to photostream until you tap the "photos" app. I'm not 100% sure about that, but I do know that starting up the Photos app will cause pictures that you've taken in the last few minutes to immediately show up in photostream (assuming you have a wifi connection).


    And your final question is completely off topic, but iChat has been renamed "Messages".

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    Thanks for you help.

    The reason I mentioned iChat is because you asked me to tak pic with Photo Booth.  I do not have it in applications.  I researched and it says it's associated with iChat, whcih I also do not have.

    I went to iMessage and it seems you can only use for Live video chat and not to take photo



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    Thank you, you solved my issue too. Just to inform you the photostream does not import pictures unless you are in the photo app on your iOS device, 100% sure. That was my mistake, I didn't understand why it wouldn't load in my pictures, I was even watching the photostream in iPhoto and it never loaded! So thank you very much.

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    Photo Stream will automatically import photos taken by iPhone as long as PS is setup in both devices and in the iPhoto on your Mac has its preferences set this way:


    and both devices are signed in to the same iCloud account.