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I purchased the newest AE (5) to help with my range, but thought it would help even more to use my old AE (2) to boost the signel a bit more. Is this possible?

AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Gen), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi - you can extend the range but you can't "boost" a signal - the remote signal strength would be equal to or less than the original signal depending on factors like connection type (wired vs wirless), distance, interference, etc. - if you need info on setting it up let me know.


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    Thanks for the answer Charlie. I did manage to get it set up as an "extender" I believe, however I'm confused as to the difference between extend and boost. If no further "energy" to push the signal is being added from the secondary Airport Extreme, then what's the point?  Does the secondary device somehow know the incoming signal strength, and limit the amount of signal it produces to rebroadcast so that it doesn't produce any more signal than what's coming in?  It does seem to help the coverage in my condominum, so it's working better, but was just confused with he reasoning. Don't feel obligated to respond, as I don't mean to waste anyone's time. Pardon my igrorance. Thanks for your help. Regards. Grant

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    I have no problem responding - we are all volunteers - none of the Apple products can "boost" a signal - at best the signal may be the same but due to connection type, distance, interference, etc.it is usually less - I hope this helps.

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    Thanks again Charlie. Appreciated.



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    If you need to boost the power check Quickertec.  They have kits that will accomplish this as well as USB Wi-Fi units that will increase your laptops recieving and xmitting range.