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i want to upgrade my i pad 2 to ios 6 and my computer will not upgrade

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    You need to provide us with more information in a clear format.  Right now you are talking about upgrading your iPad but saying your computer won't do it and I am not clear what it is you are trying to do with what.  What exact error message are you seeing (quote it exactly) and what exactly are you doing when you see this?

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    hi Limos

                    i think i need to update the itunes on my mac first. the only problem is that it gets so far and then says that i need to close i tunes to complete it but when i do it says error and to run preupgrade for applemobile device support!  its all a mystery. does that make sense to you ?

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    Are you running a Mac or a PC?  If a Mac, get more information about your computer. Go to the Apple in the upper left corner of any window, then  "About This Mac".  Write down what it says about "version"and report that here.  Now continue to "More Info..."  Copy and paste the information here, but omit the serial number and Hardware UUID (if present).  If a PC I can request your post be moved to the iTunes for Windows forum.

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    it is a mac i will do as you say right away ... two seconds ... well maybe 2 minutes ! 

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    processor.  2.1 GHz  powerPC G5

    memory 512 MB


    Hardware Overview:


      Model Name: iMac G5

      Model Identifier: PowerMac12,1

      Processor Name: PowerPC G5 (3.1)

      Processor Speed: 2.1 GHz

      Number Of CPUs: 1

      L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB

      Memory: 512 MB

      Bus Speed: 700 MHz

      Boot ROM Version: 5.2.6f1

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    You have gone as far as you can go in terms of computer operating system, and I would also look into getting more RAM (memory) because you are running at minimum and most people with your machine would have at least 3x that much.


    This is likely the last iTunes upgrade you will ever do on that machine:

    iTunes - http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1575


    You're okay to run iOS6 with this but don't buy newer Apple idevices or do more iOS upgrades (iOS7 when it appears) until you first review your hardware situation because you may find you can no longer update all components and you will find something is inoperable.

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    Linmos you are a star Thankyou so much my iPad is all fully updated. One last quick question to you if it's ok.....  Regarding my computer ... Can it be pimped to make it better or do I really need to buy a new apple desktop computer?

       Thanks again for sorting out my problem yesterday.