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AppleCare replaced the hard drive in my wife's MacBook Pro and we used the TM to get her settings back. Everyting worked fine for a day and now both Mail and Outlook are nagging her to re-enter her password.  I have doulbe check the setting and her user ID and password are okay.  I tried the Keychain First Aid and it found a problem and fixed it.  I did a restart and Mail and Outlook are still nagging trying to POP the pop.att.yahoo.com server.  The preference settings look correct but there is still a problem.  Any tips will be appreicated

iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad2, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I rebooted and the Keychain First Aid still shows


    Item "pop.att.yahoo.com" has unspecified value for port attribute


    and it does the repair but it does not seem to work.  The correct ports are used in both Mail and Outlook.


    I have no idea  how to correct this issue

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    This is an ongoing issue that has turned into a classic He said/She said mess.  I gave up trying to fix my wife's email user ID/password issue in both Mail and Outlook and got an appointment with the Genius Bar.  The tech confirmed I had the correct settings in both Outlook and Mail but it still would not POP the mail from the either  ATT DSL server.  We tried the new inbound.att.com and the old pop.att.yahoo.com and even tried changing my wife's att mail pasword.  The Apple teck gave up and indicated I needed to talk to ATT. Talking with ATT fall into the too hard catagory as you cannot talk to anyone. You can only use the CHAT feature the that sends you to India or whereever.  I had three unsuccessful chat sessions.  One ended when the guy said I needed to talk to the ATT expert and he gave me a phone number and the person said he was aware of the issue with Apple but he could solve it but I would have to give him a Visa card for his time (to fix an AT&T issue.  The last CHAT session ended when I was told that ATT does not support Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook for the Mac.  They assured me the two ATT POP servers were working correct and the problem was an Apple problem.  My wife carried her MBP back to the Apple Store this morning and they still could not get it to POP mail.  What is really weired is I have a @att.net address and it works perfect on my iMac and her MacBook Pro..  She has to get  her mail from the ATT/Yahoo Web Mail.


    i just created a gmail address for her and it works but she cannot pop her @att.net address


    Surely someone has a fix for the unresolved ATT/Yahoo pop mail issue where it keeps nagging for a passord.

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    I think it may be fixed!


    I got so disguste with the issue I called AT&T and got hold of a person rather than having to deal with the lame chat support thing. The guy was in India but he understood what I was talking about - Outlook and Mail both nagging for the password (authentication errors). He told me how to fix it and his simple FIX worked.

    He had me quit the mail app.  He then had me log into the Yahoo site, the open Mail but said do not click on anything.  Then he had me go to the top left of the Yahoo page and click on the Yahoo "Sign Off" button then restart the Mac. I did and after the restart Outlook popped my wife's mail. 

    Too bad the other ATT support people do not know about this simple tip that WORKS!

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    I declared success too early. My wife's Outlook can no longer POP mail fromt he ATT POP3 server. The same old authentication error and Outlook keeps asking her to enter her password and nothing happens.   This is the worst ever He Said/She Said between Apple and ATT. They blame each other and my wife has had to rely on gmail - that works.

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    I just wanted to follow up and let everyone know. All both Mail and Outlook are working perfect on the iMac and the MacBook Pro with the new (to me) ATT POP servers (inbound.att.net and outbound.att.net). I am not sure what finally fixed the nagging password but it is fixed!


    I learned that once you have a few failed login tries, Yahoo will put a soft block on the ID that will be lifed in a few hours but if things really get hosed a hard block can last for 24 hours.


    Resetting the DSL Modem helped when the MBP worked and the iMac was not working. Just unplug it for a few minutes.


    Learded the hard way that Apple Mail Preference Account settings are not changed if you use  the red-dot to close the panel. If you make a change to the Account, click on the General tab and it will bring up a dialog box to save the changes.


    All is working perfect now!

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    Shortly after posting that everyting was working okay my wife could no long pop her mail with Outlook on the MacBook Pro.  The POP settings were correct but she was getting the same old nag note that there was something wrong with her user ID or password. I got an appointment with the Genus Bar and it was doing the same thing in the Apple store.  Her iPad mail was also not working. The tech at the Apple Store was really a Genius in that he FIXED Mail, Outlook and the iPad. 


    There was nothing wrong with my POP settings. He went to the Yahoo web mail page and changed my wife's account from the old Classic to the new Web Mail. As soon as he made this change at the Yahoo site, all Mail started working. He said the new Yahoo activates IMAP and that did the trick


    I did not change my wife's mail from POP to IMAP but he recommended I make the change if Yahoo starts scewing up again


    I learned something new to me today!

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    I was having the same problem today and your suggestion fixed it, but in my case I went from the new Web Mail back to Classic to clear it. Maybe it works either way? Perhaps something gets reset by changing from one to the other. I'll try going back to new Web mail and see if it sticks.  Thanks for the tip!

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    Update:  I went back to new Web Mail and it seems to have stuck, so hopefully no more issues...