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I am having not much success in getting open directory to work.


I use a mac mini with moutain lion and Mac os server.


I enabled th open directory server and added a few network accounts.


On a macbook with also moutain lion I did "bind" this open directory server in the login Options .

It seem's to have worked as the there is a green LED next to the server name once I did bind it in the user account settings in the macbook.


so far so good, I also made sure that there is a tick to allow network users to log into this machine.

(If I browse into the directory I can see the newly created network accounts, so I know the macbook does get the network account info ).


So all looks fine, except I cannot log in with network user accounst!


I do not understand.


I can log into the macbook with all existing local accounts but not with any network account, even though open directory seems to be bound ok and the option to allow network user to log in is also ticked.


Is there any special format for the network user to log in? e.g. username@server.local or do I just use the username as it is set up in the server, ...


What could I miss here?

I am getting nowhere.


(if I log into the macbook with a local account, then I used the networks accounts succesfully to log onto the server, but I can not log into the macbook with the network accounts, .. its driving me crazy )


any advice is welcome.


thank you

Reply by Kevin Neal on Oct 14, 2012 1:28 AM Helpful

Yeah DNS is the first thing you need set up and working properly.


take a look here http://krypted.com/mac-os-x-server/managing-dns-using-mac-os-x-mountain-lion-ser ver/

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