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I'm using Aperture 3.4.1 on both my iMac and my MacBook and am unable to create a shared photostream on either. 


According to the instructions at http://help.apple.com/aperture/mac/3.3/#aprd8aa8a57, the user is supposed to:


To create a shared photo stream

  1. Select the photos you want to share, then do one of the following:
    • Choose File > Share > Photo Stream.
    • Choose Photo Stream from the Share pop-up menu in the toolbar.
  2. In the Photo Stream dialog, choose New Photo Stream from the Photo Stream pop-up menu.
  3. In the To field, type the email addresses for your invitees., etc.


However, I never receive a Photo Stream dialogue or an option to choose "New Photo Stream".  When I click on PhotoStream from File>Share, Aperture immediately begins uploading the photos to my main feed.  Occasionally there is a flash that makes me wonder if Aperture is somehow suppressing a dialogue box.


Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.