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I bought an iPhone 5 32GB Black & Slate in France - Paris 2.5 weeks ago.

The device is amazing and i really enjoy using it.

Today i used it until battery was empty and the device turned off. I connected it to charge with original AC charger and original lightning cable i got in the box with the iPhone. i noticed after 1h of charging the the device was very HOT and charged only to 15%. i plugged it off, and on to the cable again while resetting the device. then it charged to 31% and no more after 1.5 hours. device was unusual HOT!!!. the device was in home and not exposed to high tempeture or direct sunlight.

suddenly i noticed the screen protector was a bit dislocated in the left side of the device near the volume buttons. i disconnected the device from charging and took it out from it's case. amazing i noticed the the volume buttons where stuck and if i push them they are staying in the device and not coming out and... the device was slightly bent!!! no fall, no damage and it wasn't like that before charging!!!

every thing except the volume buttons work correct and later i charged it usual to 100% with no problems with car charger (12V to USB and Original lightning to USB cable).

what can it be and can cause this problem? maybe the battery was over heated and melted the device inner components to cause this damage?

I really don't know what to do now. there is no apple store and no service to my iPhone 5 in my country. does any one know about such a problem???

attached are pictures and video describing the problem.










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