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I'm trying to purchase OS X Server for my Mac Pro from the App Store and it won't let me. It says I already have OS X Server isntalled on this computer. And it's right, I do.... but when I try to run my copy of OS X Server it says I cannot run this version of Server (1.5.0) on this version of OS X (10.8.2). That's why I wanted to buy the latest version! What can I do besides wiping my hard drive?

Mac Pro (2009 Quad), Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    If you move the current (old) Server.app out of the Applications folder and then run the App Store, it should hopefully see Server.app is not 'installed' and let you download it again.

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    Didn't work. Here's what happened. In the App Store Application was able to press the INSTALL button for OS X Lion Server, entered my password, theb I saw the button change to UPDATE, so I then pressed the UPDATE button. I waited about 60 seconds and then a popup appeared "ERROR 1004 Please Try again Later. [CANCEL] [RETRY]". Regardless of whether I click on CANCEL or RETRY I get another popup with the same message every 60 seconds indefinitely. It's an infinite popup loop. Should I restore the Server app so that I'm not having this serious problem?

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    Sorry for 2 typos: 1. was able -> I was able. 2. theb -> then