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I really wish Apple developers would make the home screen icons display in landscape mode on the iPhone. I often don't have my phone in a dock and on a stand instead and it would be nice to have the icons displayed in landscape mode so that I could see everything going on without always having to have it in portrait mode. There have been mock-up's done showing that this can be done, so why not make it optional if people want it?

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    Normally, I would reserve comments of being negative with Apple on design because I have found they sometimes know me better than I do!  However, I have the new iPhone 5, and endeavoring to be a safer driver, I have opted for a decent auto mount that I use while driving.  So, if the car is in motion, I do nothing and the maps are active--landscape mode is awesome, and I actually like Apple maps and believe it will get better as their servers index more use (Google has ions of searches making their maps good over years of use, and they still aren't perfect).  Anyway, if I receive a call or something, a quick touch or anticipation of orientation when quickly glancing at the phone is met with a ****-eyed shock of this ultra-long portrait screen sideways.  Therefore, it nullifies my attempt at having a safer experience while driving.  Also, I own an iPad and don't mind the minor delay of the landscape or portrait transitions on the home screen.  I agree with the poster with respect to the consumer wanting the option.  However, I am also very interested as to why Apple has chisen not to allow this on the iPhone when they do on the iPad.  It is very possible they could convince me this is actually the best course of action.  Very interested in Apple's thoughts.

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    Apple doesn't participate here so, unless they make a public annoucement, you're unlikely to find out their thoughts on the matter.


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