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I just bought the Blu-Ray of the movie Prometheus and the Digital Copy Redemption Code is not recognized. The disc is new and hasn't been opened, my itunes is up to date and still won't work can someone help me solve what is going on?

Windows 7
Solved by JoPa70 on Oct 13, 2012 5:03 PM Solved

Open up the disc, there is a program called MediaManagerII.exe at DVDROM\MediaManger. Run that. Put your code in and select iTunes as the format. It will give you a new code to put in to iTunes

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    Open up the disc, there is a program called MediaManagerII.exe at DVDROM\MediaManger. Run that. Put your code in and select iTunes as the format. It will give you a new code to put in to iTunes

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    I tried that and it does not work.  It gives the same code.  So what is the solution?  Seems to be a big problem as there are a lot of posts about it. They don't want people to hack movies, but then they pull stuff like this.

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    I have the same issue with "Prometheus" and previously with " Chronical" , "Play Anywhere"technology plays nowhere.I have followed the instructions on the slip to the letter, tried itunes input and the on disc program. I emailed Fox customer service and did not get a reply. I paid full retail in an Major Australian store, for an Australian copy, sealed and unopened, and I am told "The Code you entered is not valid for the selected region" .IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS DIFFICULT. WILL NOT BUY FOX BRANDED PRODUCT AGAIN.

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    I have just downloaded the "Plays Everywhere" app to my ipad and found that Twentieth Century Fox Studios only acknowledge 5 movies for playing in Australia, Chronicle, Ice Age, Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age: The Meltdaown, and This Means War. Entering the code for Prometheus does not bring up the movie title. I WILL RETURN THIS PRODUCT TO THE STORE I BOUGHT IT FROM AS DEFECTIVE PRODUCT.

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    Dont just run Mediamanager and use the COPY button for the code...if you do that and then paste into iTunes then you will have the same code that came with Prometheus. What you need to do is hilight the code in Media Manager then presss Control C to copy and then you can paste that new code sucessfully into itunes and download your copy of Prometheus.

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    I returned the disc to Store and they refunded my purchase.It was not the only return!. Fox Digital eventually returned an Email with a new code, and I purchased a 4 Disc Blue Ray set from another retailer and the original code work. A lot of effort for something that just should work.

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    I had the same problem with the same movie - "Prometheus" and the "not valid for your region" code. I'm in the US, though, Region 1, and the disc I have is Region 1, so I'm guessing there may be an issue for this movie in particular (or maybe for Fox's digital copy redemption system). Anyway, I don't have a solution, but... it's not just you.

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    Well. To my mind this is an issue with "UltraViolet". Aside from the free films you can get while joining them on various products, With the exception of "Dredd", none the other dvd/bluerays I've bought that say it will work on iTunes have actually worked on iTunes.

    Yes, I can watch the crappy video quality of "ultra" violet as it stutters along trying to cache while I'm eating a hoagie... but why would I want this in my living room? My 30-year-old Sony Trinitron has better video quality. I could be missing something but I'm not a moron, and it shouldn't be this hard.

    UltraViolet is not a product yet. It's a painfully ugly work-in-progress. I'll not buy anything with that name on it for a couple of years. Jeezus!

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    I don't understand why anyone with Blue-Ray would care about the horrible digital copy. These are SCAMS. The quality of the digital is only Standard Definition, and often even much worse (very rare exceptions).


    Again, digitals for the most part are a SCAM. They will also vanish from the cloud due to digital rights which fluctuate continually, so even if they had a use, you can't count on digitals as you never fully own them, the publisher does.

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    I followed this instruction and it worked perfectly.  Be sure to use the ctrl. + C, and ctrl. + V keyboard commands when copying and pasting the new redemption code into itunes.

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    Should have said that I followed JoPa70's instruction above

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    I'm having a similar issue but for DVD "Digital Copy included" versions of Ice Age 2 and Ice Age 3.


    Digital Copy was not included but rather an insert with a redemption code which when you enter using the "Plays Everywhere" app returns the error code is not valid.


    I've written to Fox Digital several times using their contact us form since October 2012 and have received on every occasions a standard reply:


    Dear Valued Customer,


    Thank you for your email.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. We are still currently looking into this issue. Your contact has been recorded and we will be promptly contacting you when we have a solution. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding and please feel free to contact us again if we can be of further assistance.


    Best Regards,

    Fox Digital Copy Support


    I do not recommend anyone contact their support or purchase DVD's Blue-Rays whereby the digital copy is redeemed via redemption. Unfortunately there are no other files on the DVDs other than the standard DVD video files so can't follow the steps above.


    I'm posting in hope that someone else encountered this issue and had success in either:

    1. Receiving a new redemption code / serial number so that the redemption worked, or
    2. Received any constructive response from Fox Digital Support


    To Fox Digital's credit the contact us form does say:

    Please fill out the form below and a customer service representative will respond within one business day.

    It doesn't actually say that they will help you in any way.

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    Worked like a charm.  Thank you kristoni!

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