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Actually the book, OS X Tutorials: Upgrade to Mountain Lion is sitting in my iTunes Library> Purchased with all of my iTunes purchases as well as in my iTunes Library>Books with ALL of my iTunes purchased eBooks and Audio books. How do I download it to my iPhone iBooks? 

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    To be a little bit more accurate the said book sits in my Documents on my Macbook,  purchased through iTune for free in iTunes Store>Books. I can find it with Finder on my Macbook. It says it is in my Documents but it does not appear in the Documents folder in my Dock. Great! Even the iTunes Store says it is downloaded already. And why when I search for it with Finder on my Mac and click on the result does a window open up full of comoter language? I need some help.

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    It would be worth posting this question to the iTunes for Mac forum, rather than iTunes Match.  It is not a Match issue.

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    TY mracole. I will do exactly that.