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This is the dilema.


I just got a new PC and I lost all the data in my old computer.


In my Iphone 4S, I do have all my music, photos, etc. It is the only place where I still have the most important pictures.

Here is the Big Issue; I am waiting for my IPhone to arrive soon, but I don't have all my stuff in the new PC(Windows &), because it tells me is going to replace everything from the new ITunes and erasing all my important stuff from the IPhone. Don't have a Clue of what to do and honestly, I have looked in google, apple, every where and I do not get a clear step guide of what to do.


Any Body Please tell me something that might help save all my stuff before the new phone arrives! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kind Regards, Arnaldo

iPhone 4S, Windows 7, New ITunes installed
Solved by b noir on Oct 13, 2012 6:32 PM Solved
The following user tip is worth checking through: Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device