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I am new to AppleScript, but from what I've been reading, this should a fairly simple task. I'm trying to do the following:

  • Create a new TextEdit document
  • Paste the contents fo the clipboard into the document

Current system configuration:

  • iMac with an Intel Core i5
  • OS X 10.8
  • "Enable access for assistive devices"  in System Preferences is checked.


This is the code I am using:

tell application "TextEdit"


          tell application "System Events"

                    tell process "TextEdit" to keystroke "V" using {command down}

          end tell


end tell


The code compiles without any issues. When I run the scrip in AppleScript Editor, it starts TextEdit and then I hear a beep. When I export the script as an application and run it, TextEdit starts, I do not hear a beep, but no text is pasted. I appears that the TextEdit program does not have the focus when the paste command attempts to run.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)