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i currently have two problems. 1. my iphone will only charge while its turned off. 2. my battery dies faster then it used to be after the previous problem happened on October 1st. 3. my speaker/ringer on my phone has stopped working, my sounds will only work while my headphones are plugged in. no sound will come out anywhere. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Yep - may battery drain and crashes have stopped. Overall, I turned off location services and simplied email by following the guidlines here: http://www.care4pcs.co.uk/2012/10/how-to-be-happy-gmail-user-on-iphone-or.html  turning off push and switching to fetch every 30 minutes.

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    I final piece for me in the jigsaw following on from this




    is to turn off wifi when you do not need it. When I leave the house I turn off wifi, because the majority of the times when my iPhone has got very hot and crashed is when I am away from home. I suspect that if the iPhone is in the vicinity of public wifi (wheather secure or not secure) it will try and connect, even if you have 'automatically join known networks' set to off. This is easy of course if you have an unlimited data contract for your iPhone. I may be wrong, but it is working for me. It makes sense for me because it is another way of reducing the work the processor (and battery) has to do and therefore reduces the chance of overheating.

    Having said that, I never had this problem with my iPhone 4. I now have a 4S.

    Try it. Hope it works for you.

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    The one fix that worked for me was to delete my iCloud account from my phone. After that, no battery drain. I tried all the above fixes and the apple store wiped my phone. Only fix that works for me is to ditch the cloud.