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I don't know and don't mind not having big screen but have to have 32 gb because I want everything that is on my ipad and it has 17 gb used.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
  • carl wolf Level 6 (14,625 points)

    All of Apple's available products, including various models of the iPhone, are shown in the Apple Store portion of the website.

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    i just yesterday bought a 4s but hears some un told truth about the iphone 5 the only difference between 4s and 5 is bigger screen and when download apps and pics and songs its faster but nothing else is different

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    Really? You mean other than the larger screen, higher resolution, 16 X 9 video ratio, it is lighter, it is thinner it has a newer, faster and better processor, it has improved voice recognition/noise suppression hardware, better microphones, true 4G LTE, it has a better camera, better lens protection, far better pictures with the flash. Or did you mean to leave out all those items? (and I've left out some).


    To me the LTE alone was worth it, better video streaming (baseball playoffs looked really good), faster use of the web, apps are faster, particularly ones that access the web.


    So much for your "un told" (sic) truth.

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    You might be able to find a 32GB or 64GB 4S in a retail store, but it's highly unlikely at this point.

    The 32 and 64GB models were discontinued with the release of the 5. 


    Considering it has been a month since the release of the 5 and the discontinuation of the 32 and 64GB 4S models, it's unlikely you'll find any left at retail but worth a shot.  You will not find them online unless you want a refurb.

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    Look smart ***, I know all about the 5 and its features but there is a limit on a few things in life called $$$$$$$$$$.

    My reasoning was that a 16 gb 5 is 200, like a 16gb 4s used to be , but a 4s 16 is now 100 and a 32 gb 4s used to be 300 so in logical theory a 32gb 4s would be 200 because the price dropped 100 with release of a new model. I need 32 in memory for content but was wondering if I could still get it so I could save some money, even if it meant sacrificing big screen, LTE, and others. It would still have ios 6 which is a root to many of the features. So I will probably end up getting a 5 but I was just asking, smart ***.

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    I have no problem with you trying to find a 4s due to funding limitations. You might have a better chance of finding a 32G 4s at a cell phone providers store, or someplace like Best Buy and Target. If they are near you it is worth a try.


    No a little bit of a note on using the forums here. If you notice in the header of my previous reply, after the date and time, in parentheses, it says: in response to ios6*****. Which is who I was replying to regarding the statements he made about the iPhone 5 which I believed were a bit misleading.


    I never replied to you and I hope you can find what you are looking for, i.e. a 32GB 4s. I don't appreciate you calling me names for no reason.