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Before I upgraded my iMac to Lion, I created a Snow Leopard bootable external drive so I could play a Star Wars game that was not compatible with Lion.


There are a few items in the Snow Leopard and I had to authorise them to play - which indicated to me that this bootable drive was considered a separate machine to to the iMac.


I have the Snow Leopard drive running on my mother's MacBook (which runs on Mountain Lion) at the moment.


I was trying to download a few old purchases in iTunes but I got a message saying the device is already associated with my mother's account and I cannot download my music.


I don't have the iMac here to check, but I am fairly certain that I have never associated the Snow Leopard drive with any account.


Have I done something wrong or is the Snow Leopard iTunes associating with the MacBook's iTunes account because the Snow Leopard isn't a "real" device?


When connected to my MacBook will it associate with my iTunes account?


Is there anything I can do?