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And if they do, how come they don't show up in my iCloud account online?  So I just got my first iPhone, well now its my second cause the first was faulty. Well the people at Sprint, the one by me really stinks, and when they asked if I had backed everything with iCloud, I thought it was so.  I had gotten the first one the day before and the girl, who was the best person I've ever encountered there, synced my contacts from my old phone to my new one and turned on iCloud and did everything for me.  As it turns out though, my contacts were not synced to iCloud and I lost everything upon getting the new one.  I managed to get my contacts back by using Microsoft Exchange but I don't want to go through this again. I just backed up my phone to iCloud and I have all my contacts. HOWEVER, when I go to iCloud online, it doesn't show any of the contacts I had synced from my old account, only ones that I had entered on my phone.  I thought it would sync everything.  Also another thing, is there any possible way to sync my Address book from my MacBook to my iPhone? I know it may seem simple but I'm discovering that I'm not so tech savy after all and I need help lol. 



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    First, contacts are not backed up to icloud when you perform an icloud backup, because they already live in their own database on icoud.


    iCloud maintains a database of your contacts which it uses to keep all devices and computers connected to the same iCloud account in sync.  If you ever wonder whether you've lost contacts because they do not appear on a device or mac/pc, you should log into iCloud.com using a computer's browser and go to the Contacts page.  You should find your contacts there.  If there but they do not appear on your device, see below for instructions.  If they are not there, then for one reason or another, they have been deleted.  See below for options if this is the case.


    Getting contacts from iCloud to a device.


    Your device/computer needs to be connected to the proper account in iCloud and have contacts set for syncing.  Go to Settings>iCloud (for a device) or System Preferences>iCloud (for a mac - can't help you with a PC, but hopefully you'll know where to go).  Be sure iCloud is turn on and that you have the right account.  If you need to change the account, scroll to bottom of screen (device) and tap Delete Account.  Find a similar button on a mac.  This will not delete data from iCloud, it only disconnects the device/mac from the current account.  Then enter ID/password for the correct account.  Next, be sure Contacts is turned on.  [If it has been turned on, try turning off and then back on.  If still not working, disconnect from iCloud and connect again.]  You should get your contacts back.


    Contacts are gone from icloud.com.


    Then they have been deleted.  There are many reasons for this.  One possibility is that someone else is using the same iCloud account (family member, etc.) and they deleted contacts, thinking they did want them on THEIR device.  How to get them back?  Unfortunately, an iCloud backup does not include any of the sync databases, like contacts, notes, calendars, reminders, etc. because the data is already stored in these databases.  Your only hope for restoring the data is if you had that data on a computer (like a mac's Contacts, Calendars, etc.) and that data was backed up using whatever backup software you typically use (e.g. Time Machine on a mac).  Just restore the data files back to the computer.  Other than that, I'm afraid the data is gone.

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    Thanks pvonk for your response.  But my question is like how do I sync my gmail account contacts to my iCloud?  My dad has done it, he had the same phone as me and now when I go on his iPad, all his number are there as well.  I just want to know how to do the same.

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    iCloud doesn't sync with Google contacts.  You sync your Google contacts by setting up your gmail account as an exchange account, then turn on contacts (and turn off contacts in Settings>iCloud as you won't be syncing your contacts with iCloud).  This article explains how to set this up: http://support.google.com/mail/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=138740.