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Hi All


Im working a large sequence at the moment, For a show so i have lots of footage from Canon 7D, Canon 550D and Panasonic HMC-151 all clips have been converted and editied in FCP as Pro res 422 & Pro res 422 (LT).


Moved it into Color and started making my color modifications and about 30 mins through the full 100min film it appears footage from 2 days keeps starting at the same point. (This is a show that the same performance was filmed once a day for 4 days)


So 30mins throught the final product 2 clips keep displaying video from the beginning of the performance.


I have export an XML and import into Final Cut Pro it appears to not carry this issue over, for the majority it has still messed with some of the timing.

Its also a problem because its not showing me the correct footage at the correct time, so i cant color grade it!


I ran a test and sent it fresh from FCP to Color and it is perfect. when i save it, restart color and open the same file the timing issues are there again!


Any suggestions?




Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Are you doing any speed changes on the clips?  Could be a source of the problem.


    Could be a corrupt sequence.  Try creating a new sequence with the same settings and copy the contents of the old sequence to the new sequence. 


    You can also just export a selfcontained qt of your sequence with current settings and color correct that.  if I remember correctly, there's a way to export an xml to get your cut  points into color. 

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    Thanks for your suggestions, apologies for my delay replying.

    I managed to figure it out and will explain for the communities future use.


    When logging and transferring my footage the time code on the 2 problem clips started at around 23:45:07:12 and being a 100min+ video clip the time code went through to 00:00:00:00 and continued onward to around 01:25:07:12.


    This time code has lead to color looking to the 23:45:07:12 location for each clip.

    What I did was reset the time code for these clips in FCP to begin at 00:00:00:00 then sent to color again and copy and paste the grades I had made in the previous sequence...

    Took some time but it was better that starting all my grades from scratch.


    This time code issue is probably something really obvious but hey no one is perfect, hope this can help people in the same position.

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    man, glad you figured this out.  having timecode roll over at 24 hrs has always been a no no, but it certainly wouldn't have occured to me in this non-tape based age without actually seeing the timecode in fcp.  Thanks for posting your solution.  Not enough people do that.