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I use my iphone4s with Nike+ Ipod built in, at the gym.  On several machines, I plug it in, run and it automattically downloads the data.  But on the Precor 885 Treadmill, with the P80 display (Sport and Health Gym)  it won't allow me to use Nike Plus.  It plays music and TV off of my Ipod but will not let me down load the data despite the machine stating that it is Nike+ capable.  Does anyone know how to work this in the event I am doing something wrong or missing a step?  I included a picture of treadmill so everyone knows what modle I am talking about.TRM_885_Full_Product_3Q_View_ON.jpg

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    Where does it say that is supports Nike+?  I couldn't find any information about it being compatible with Nike+ on the Treadmill's product page.

    http://www.precor.com/products/en/commercial/cardio/precor-products/treadmills/t rm-885-treadmill#



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    Yeah I couldn't find it on the website or the manual either.  But at the gym on the display screen it says that it is Nike+ compatible but at no point does it give you the prompt to download data.  Which is a real shame because they are hands down the best machines in the gym.  I know I could just wear the iphone when i run and use Nike running app, but thats never as accurate. 

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    Maybe the best thing to do in this situation is to contact Precor and ask them to verify whether or not it is indeed with Nike+ and if so how to make it work.



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    Took your advice and emailed the company.  Thier reply is below so I guess that solves that.  Unfortuatly their top model does not support Nike+ what a shame.


    Hi Brad,

    While certain Precor entertainment devices are compatible with Nike+, the P80 does not support it.

    At this time I don't believe there is any plan to implement Nike+ support on the P80, but I will certainly pass the inquiry on and note your interest in it.

    You had mentioned in your email that the machine stated that it was Nike+ compatible.  Can you explain to me where you saw that?  I'd be curious to find out if that is being advertised somewhere.

    Let me know, thanks!


    Customer Support Technical Representative

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    Well at least we know now for sure.