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For some reason, my mac is showing 2 copies note from Notes.app, those notes store on iCloud.


I try to unlink Note sync from System Preferences > iCloud setting.

Then the Notes.app will display one copy notes, select all notes and then delete it.

Next, Open System Preferences > iCloud setting and checked notes sync from iCloud.


The Notes.app doesn't sync any notes. I try browse www.icloud.com to check, all notes are removed.


Notes are very Important. Please help how to rollback deleted notes from iCoud?

  • Stephen Spark Level 4 (2,415 points)

    iCloud does not back this data up, it only syncs it between devices. You may get them back by restoring an iOS device to a back up from before the Notes were deleted.


    Apple has also messed up restoring Notes through Time Machine on the Mac but it is probably still your best option. Read https://discussions.apple.com/message/19171700#19171700 to locate the folder then open Time Machine. To get into your Library folder you will have to open a Finder window then click the Go menu and press the "Option" key on the keyboard to make "Library" appear.