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I have two 1TB external drives that I planned on using for backup of my MacBook Pro (Not actually sure how to use them both as duplicate backups but I'l have to figure that out later). What I'm wanting to do is use the external as a backup but I'd also like to keep the majority of my music on the external drive so I can keep the space free on my MacBook. Is this possible?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Time Machine issue
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    You may eventually need a bigger drive.


    Time Machine wants to back up everything on your Mac unless you tell it otherwise.

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    Any advice on how to do this?

  • MartinR Level 6 Level 6

    Possible, but not advisable.


    You would be using the same drive for backup & normal (live) uses at the same time.  That pretty much negates the whole purpose of backup, at least as far as that single drive would be concerned.


    Better to devote 1 drive to backup (TM or otherwise) and a 2nd drive for online (live) usage.


    One more thing ... you don't really have effective backup until you have at least 2 separate backups on 2 separate drives, neither of which is connected to your Mac except for backup & restore operations.  Three is even better.

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    Is there a better solution for where to store all of your music if you want to keep it off of your MacBook?

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    ds94901 said they would use two drives, one for iTunes and one for backup.

    That does not seem like a  bad solution to me.


    iTunes requires you to first specify which is your backup drive. Once you do that, it will try to back up everything else. If there are things you do NOT want backed up, you click ( Options ) and it will let you add drives, directories, or files to the BlackList.




    You are right that we should have multiple backups, but one is SO much more than none!