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I set up a replica on my Leopard server from my Snow Leopard server. Checking the Replca Tree does not show the IP or the FQDN of the replica but DOES show a lot of random ips that I have no idea where they came from. The replica is working because Im getting LDAP info from the master on the replica but what are these unknown ips? Am I being hacked?





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    Can someone please take a stab at this? The IPs are, and The two 10 addresses are associated with vnic0 and vnic1 interfaces that show up under my network interfaces in

    the network tab in server admin admin (I have no idea where they came from either) though I am using a Class A network. The 172 is a complete mystery. Any ideas?


    Like the I said, the replica seems to up but it's ip shows no where in the replica tree and there is nothing in replica status at all.