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My ability to send (but not receive) emails from Mac Mail has failed.  The mail connection doctor diagnostics confirm this. It is suspiciously timed right after I got an email about the extension of my storage for another year.  Could it be related?


Other random facts:


I can still send emails from iCloud webmail and my iPad...just not Mail on my MacBook Pro laptop.


I am still running OSX 10.5 (old machine, doesn't meet iCloud requirements), so had to go through some steps in the spring to retain my MobileMe email account.  This has worked up until now.  I got an email in august that I was running out of room, but took no action.  I cannot check my account status b/c my system preferences does not show iCloud...only my old MobileMe, which is clearly deactivated.


I'm confused. 



Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Apple is in the process of converting all of its email accounts to @icloud.com.  It could well be that this process permanently disconnects older OSX versions such as yours.


    Try to log into icloud.com with your old ID using a browser.  If you can get in, check the mail page.  If you can't then the recent changes have denied you access to the new icloud.

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    Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I can log into iCloud with Apple ID, and I can send and receive mail that way...the problem seems to be with the Mail application, where my outgoing server reads 'offline', no matter what.


    Curiously, I got another storage message today saying my iCloud storage is maxed out at 25GB and that I won't be able to send or receive.  It's odd, b/c when I check my account status on my iPad, I have TONS of storage left.  I don't get it.  And I can still send and receive messages via the online service...