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Can I complete the unlock process with AT&T for my iPhone 3Gs using the original sim card rather than another carrier?  My purpose is to unlock the phone and use it out of the country with a sim card from that country's carrier. 


Also, is there any way short of contacting AT&T or Apple (Apple store) that I can confirm the unlock process is complete and successful?  I followed the instructions but have not seen anything to confirm the unlock is effective. 


Thanks in advance.

iPhone 3GS
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    Peter, thanks for the link but I've been there.  My questions are not answered in that link.  Thanks.  Any wisdom from the U.K.?

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    Not that I am aware of ,We have been unlocking iPhones in UK for at least 3 years

    and frankly the only way there has ever been is to try another sim

    Know anyone visiting from outside US and could try their sim ?

    Is T-mobile GSM ,if so try one ??

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    Hello there,

    I have a similar question.

    Once I've unlocked using a different sim am I then locked into the network of the new sim or can I change sims/networks whenever I like?



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    as one of the other repliers indicated (implicitly) - you can complete the unlock using your original sim card - to complete the unlock you have to restore the phone in itunes - if its unlocked you should get a message from itunes that says


    Congratulations your iPhone is now unlocked


    but the only way you will really know it worked is to use a different sim card


    that what i did - i


    1) restored the iPhone with the original sim card and got the congratulations message

    2) installed a pre-paid sim card from another carrier and made an received a phone call

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    Used SIMs are super cheap. AFAIK, they don't need to be active in order to unlock. You can probably get a T-Mobile SIM for a couple bucks on eBay.

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    Thanks all.  I will need to contact AT&T and perhaps Apple.  I followed the process but did not get the unlock message from iTunes.  Stay tuned.