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I can't sync music to my iphone 4s, i tried so many times to sync music to it after managing and adding music to my itunes library then dragging them to my iphone, but when i go to my Iphone Music app, only "No content" appear inside the app, no tabs appear.


In itunes, i synced music to my sisters iphone from the same library and it worked perfectly fine, so i think the problem is in my Iphone!!

because i also backed up my iphone contents to Icloud, erased everything and started my iphone as a new, when i synced to it, it worked, but when i restored from icloud my contents, i had the same problem.


I also can't download music from itunes store, it just says (Download error. Tap to retry)

What's wrong??? I have uploaded three screenshots here.


A week of suffer! Someone help me please!




iPhone 4S, iOS 6, 32 gb
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    I am finding that iTunes and iCloud are still recognizing my new iPhone 5 as my iPhone 4s... even though I do not own it anymore. I think there is a glitch in there somewhere. I have traded out my new phone once... erased it several times... backed it up... restored it... still no luck.


    I am going to keep trying, but perhaps there is some inherent old soul in the iPhone 5 that is really a 4s... therefore... your 4s won't give up its library? Have no real answer for you... just thought my problem might be in the similar realm.