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I currently have a Verizon IPhone 4 and recently upgraded to IOS 6 via the Apple Update.  My problem seems to be that after upgrading my data usage has spiked.  I normally use between 100-200 mb per month since my phone is mostly connected to WiFi. However after the update it shows that I am par to use about 1gb of data for this month.


My plan covers that amount but I think that there is data leak when updating to IOS 6.  My wife’s phone is still running IOS 5 and has not had any issues with the data usage.  I know that Apple and Verizon released a patch for the IPhone 5 to correct a similar issue but wondered if Verizon is aware of this issue happening on pre IPhone 5 devices. 


I have made sure to close all open apps, disable location services/push notifications but my phone continues to download around 1mb every hour.  I have also disabled the ICloud application.  The temporary fix I have is to connect to WiFi then disable Cellular data via the Settings menu. Please provide any tips, tricks or updates as I would not have to switch cellular off and on while using my phone.

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    Update on my data overage issue.  I did a manual reset of my network settings and have been turning the cellular data option on and off when connected to WIFI.  Also performed some small tests while connected to cellular and found that one day of websurfing/email/you tube/etc used about 10 mb of data.  So far when I connect to WIFI now my data is stable.  I don't think this is a permanent fix, but it does help with the extreme data usage amounts.


    After posting this discussion, I also emailed Verizon Tech Support.  It took a few days to get a response below is what I received. 


    "My name is xxxxxx and I truly appreciate you for bringing this issue to our attention. I apologize for the delay in regards to responding to your email. Our email volume has been higher than normal due to the new iPhone 5 launch. To answer your question, yes we are aware of this issue and we are working with Apple to investigate this issue as quickly as possible.


    While we work to remedy this situation, if you were to incur unwanted data charges as a result of this issue will not be charged for the additional data/use overage.


    If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-922-0204 or submit a new email. Thank you for being patient with us while we resolve this issue. Have a wonderful day.





    Verizon Wireless

    Internet Response Team"


    Its the response I was hoping to get from Verizon.  Granted I want the issue to be resolved but at least they recognize that there is an issue and I didn't get the "Well I haven't heard of that issue before."  If Verizon contacts me I will update this post.

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    Where have you been hiding?


    A carrier update was released for Verizon a couple weeks ago to specifically address this issue.

    Frankly, your posting is pointless, a simple search of the forums or google would have told you to update the carrier settings.

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    Well actually I have only heard of a carrier update to the IPhone 5 not the IPhone 4.  Do you have reference to where Verizon posted a patch for the IPhone 4?


    As for my post being pointless, that could be left up to interpretation.  If anyone could benefit from my post and information from Verizon then I say my post was actually helpful.

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    I benefited from your post. Thank you for sharing. Diesel, you need to learn how to distinguish the number 4 from the number 5.

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    Good News! Apple has released a minor update and one of issues addresses some Wifi/Cellular issues.  Here is the article.  http://www.engadget.com/2012/11/01/ios-6-0-1-released-brings-myriad-improvements -and-bug-fixes/  I have updated my IPhone 4 and reset the statistics.  Hopefully this will solve the data leak issue.


    Updates to follow.