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I would like a clear defined response Please!!


I purchased the Black & Slate iPhone 5 64GB on AT&T on Apple's website - Not on AT&T's website.


Apple Store Order as follows: iPhone 5 64GB Black & Slate (GSM) AT&T Model


My question is: With this iPhone 5 because I did not buy it at AT&T and I purchased it at its outright cost at $849.00 + AppleCare $99.00


Order Total $1,007.43 w/ $59.43 tax.


Does the GSM in -> (GSM) <- mean its a world iPhone? or Does this mean its a "World iPhone" = If I bought it out right from Apple's online store from Apple it means its an unlocked iPhone 5 like the verizon model? An because I did not buy it with my upgrade and I bought it outright!!


Does this mean I can use it in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, or other places in Asia? Will or should it still work over seas?


If not, what do I have to do to buy the iPhone 5 to use it over seas to those places? I am under an AT&T family plan and I don't want to switch carriers.


I did not use my upgrade. its on the 29th of January, 2013. I didn't want to wait that long. An the half upgrade is on the 25th of Dec. when the Apple store is not open. Thats why I bought it at such a high price. I don't plan on getting any other iPhone. unless they make it "wider" Not taller.




Thank you

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