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Last night around 6PM I lifted the usage controls on my teenage cousin's iphone 4s. We had never set a data limit for the phone because she only uses it for internet when at home on the wifi network. We only had it on her phone to be able to block unwanted numbers, but the feature also allows customers to set data caps, internet restrictions by age ect.


Prior to last night her usuage was minimal. However, within 6 hrs of the usuage control being lifted suddenly I was notified we'd hit 50% of our 6g data plan. In the morning when I woke up I had a text saying we'd hit 75% of our usage plan. I logged into Verizon and it indicated she had consumed 4.6g.


I spoke with Verizon and the first reprepresenative told me that this was a known iOs 6 issue for iphones and asked me to check if the phone was using the that operating system. She said if it was Verizon would be giving credits to customers because it was a known issue. I hung up, called my aunt and learned that in fact iOs 6 was installed. She also confirmed that the phone settings had not changed. It was still only using wifi. Verizon data usage remained turned off.


I called Verizon back and spoke with a second representative who then told me that it was not an iOs 6 issue, but just an iPhone 5 issue. She said the previous information given to me was incorrect; it was hardware and not operating system based problem. I then reapplied usage controls and went in to set a data limit, for the first time, and discovered that the iPhone's data usage had now reached 5.4g of 6g. I still have 18 days left on my billing cycle and just .6g of data remaining. It seems crazy to me that I should have to set a cap on data usage for a phone using wifi to prevent that phone from maxing out verizon data, but that is what I have done until I can get to the bottom of this


The rep told me to visit Apple for further details. I also googled it and found stories on CNN and TheNextWeb reporting instances where individuals with the iOs 6 on iphone 4s were also experiencing problems, but nothing concrete on how to resolve it.


Can someone please clarify for me what is going on or where I can find a solution to this.


Thank you in advance.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    check this thread:

    Ios6 causing excessive data usage?


    Good luck!


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    The second rep is a moron. Yes it is a software issue and not just an iphone 5 one.


    Something you didn't mention is what carrier software version is on the iphone. Verizon sent out a settings update around Oct 5th because of this issue. I believe you should be on 13.1. it's definitely something.1


    I've heard talk if you go Settings-General-About it will OTA load the update but I'm not certain about this. Frankly I would wipe the phone and set it up new. During the restore iTunes should check that the software is up to date and find the carrier updates. Make sure your cousin has all her photos, contacts etc. And warn her that she'll lose her texts. Although I have heard if you google around someone figured out how to erase everything but backups from an iTunes backup file. That was for iOS 5 as I recall but it might still work. So have her do a backup in iTunes, duplicate it and play if you feel techie enough.

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    All I can contribute is that this is not happening to everyone.


    We have a 4S (Verizon 13.0) and a 5 (Verizon 13.3) and IOS 6.01 on both. This afternoon I checked out data usage with the in-phone utility (#3282) and the response was that we had together used 125MB of info in about 20 days.

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    Man its a software problem for sure, look the iOs maybe is that, but 125mb is too much :S I got similar problemas with my iPhone 4s in the past