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I've used Droids forever and the personal hotspot works perfectly fine. With the iPhone 5, I'm starting to regret switching from my Droid Razr to this because of the hotspot issue. I'm a 48 state truck driver and I need access to the internet with my laptop and the cheapest and best way has been hotspot from my unlimited internet account off my phone. Before with the Androids, I just download an app to allow me to use my hotspot for free. Since I got the iphone 5, I loved it so much I decided it would be ok to pay the extra $30 a month just to have a reliable phone instead of a glitchy Android OS and device. Now when it comes to using my iphone's hotspot to communicate with clients and my company, it's being a total nightmare with freezing internet performances. I know my MacBook Pro isn't the problem because both the MBP and my iPad work perfectly fine on public wifi connections when available. Is this possibly a radio issue with the iPhone 5? Possibly the same issue as with the iPhones with bad wifi connectivity?


I really do hope Apple can fix this issue. I don't want to switch back to an Android and take a hit on my $900 iPhone 5. I'd hate to admit but I don't think I got what I paid for..

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    Are you paying for the Personal Hotspot feature from your carrier? If so and if it is buggy, I would try doing a Restore of the phone or contacting AppleCare for further troubleshooting at 800-APL-CARE. I have used the feature and it works very well, so best of luck on getting this resolved!

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    I recently purchased an iPhone 5 with ATT network.  It worked halfway, and now not at all!  Both companies are pointing the finger at eachother.  I think it is the Apple ios 6.0.1 software upgrade.  I can't even get a tether at all for a few days now.  I've tried every reset, reboot, network settings, restore feature, and finally a new phone.  If they don't get it fixed I'm going over to a S@msung Galaxy III and Verizon.