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I am discovering the wonders of an iMac and am both surprised and delighted at its capabilities.  However, I can't figure out from the comment threads on Keynote '09 how far away from the iMac I can be and still access it using my iPhone or iPad as a remote? If you've booted up your iMac to the page your slide show is, can you be presenting 5 or even 20 miles away?  Can I put the Keynote presentation on my iPad and play it on a monitor furnished by place where I'm giving the speech?  Will it be as crisp a display when beamed from my iPad?


Alternatively, can I put the Keynote show onto a thumb drive, connect that to my host's computer, and then play Keynote?


Also, do you need iWork to use Keynote? It's not clear from the description.

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    Put the keynotes onto an iPad or Mac laptop with you and use the iPhone as the remote to deliver. It will look just as crisp from the iPad.


    You do need iWork specifically to use Keynote, on a Mac, iPad or iPhone. You can also export the Keynote presentation as a Powerpoint presentation and use it on any PC or Mac capable of running PowerPoint.