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    Worked for me too.  Many thanks!!!

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    This just happened with my iPhone, too. I tried all the fixes you did. Shutting down Safari worked. I am happy that I did not lose the bookmarks I had added to my iPhone with the help of iPhone Bookmark Recovery.

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    How to Recover iPhone reading list/bookmarks

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    This has happened to me as well, but force closing Safari has not fixed it.


    Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Thank you, this worked for me this morning!!!

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    My bookmarks disappeared after restoring from a backup to a new iPhone 5 through iTunes. (I got my old one replaced when a button stopped working).  I figured something with the restore got messed up, and I just went ahead and started repopulating my bookmarks list from scratch.  But a few days later they all disappeared again.


    I tried all of the prescribed remedies with no luck. 


    -I tried killing the safari app. 

    -I tried killing ALL of the running apps. 

    -I tried turning off/on the iPhone.

    -I tried a hard restart.


    No luck.


    So after basically giving up, I decided to turn on iCloud backup for Safari so that if this happened again, I could at least hopefully retrieve my bookmarks from iCloud.


    After doing this, all of my bookmarks that I had on my OLD phone before restoring to the new one reappeared.  :-D  


    So I don't know if this maybe all had to do with the iCould setting on the new phone being set incorrectly by the Genius at the Apple store, or if it's just a weird bug, or what.  But turning on iCloud backup for Safari worked for me in restoring my bookmarks.

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    Many weeks after having given up on getting my bookmarks back, I re-enabled iCloud Safari syncing as you mentioned in your comment and it successfully merged my old bookmarks with the ones I've added since my post in June when they were lost.


    So thanks for mentioning this!


    I had disabled and enabled iCloud syncing for Safari several times when my bookmarks first disappeared with no result. I also had iCloud syncing on for Safari *when* they disappeared.


    If I had to guess, I would bet that there was some sort of problem with iCloud and Safari bookmarks where it pushed out an empty set of bookmarks to my iPhone and that my bookmarks were effectively zeroed out, but then at some point later the conflict between my full/old bookmarks and the zero set were resolved internally within iCloud in the two months since I first posted about this. It does not seem like a very trustworthy service for stuff like this, since there is zero transparency.

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    Excellent. Worked for me too. Not sure why I did not try this before googling.

    Definitely not a cloud thing, I don't cloud.


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    chriscarries wrote:


    This just happened with my iPhone, too. I tried all the fixes you did. Shutting down Safari worked. I am happy that I did not lose the bookmarks I had added to my iPhone with the help of iPhone Bookmark Recovery.

    Check more from:

    How to Recover iPhone reading list/bookmarks

    Unfortunately, if you didn't have any backups, that data is probably gone for good. File recovery software probably won't help, though it can't hurt to try. It's possible that Safari created a new Bookmarks.plist file in a temporary folder, wrote the changes to it, then deleted the old one and replaced it with the new one. (I'm not sure whether it would use that technique internally, or would just open the file, write the changes to it and then close it again.) If it does work that way, the old one may still be present and not overwritten. I wouldn't say that's likely, though. Try it with Data Rescue and see what you get.


    This should be your cue to start backing up ASAP, before you lose something more important!

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    does this delete everything off the phone or does it just restart it?? because my bookmarks and reading list has disappeared and i did everything you said up there but theyre still gone..

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    You mean you want to recover your iPhone bookmarks, right? If so, you can try iPubsoft iPhone Backup Extractor, which can help you recover iPhone bookmarks, as well as voice memos, calendar, reminders, etc.

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    Ocean20 wrote:


    When you say the reading list /bookmarks are gone I assume you mean from Safari.  IF so I had that happen.  Try closing safari and then have a look to see if they are back.  with safari opne on the screen tap the home button once then tap home button twice and then hold the safari app icon in the multitasking area until it wiggles and then tap on the minus sign top left of the safari icon.  this will close it

    Oh, it work well! Thanks so much! I have already got back my iPhone data.

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    Omg! Thank you, thank you for having had this problem!!! I was freaking out 20 mins ago when my bookmarks were just gone too! I just want to say thanks GagamusPrime for saying EXACTLY what I wanted to when I tried that that little open then closing trick on safari - the only difference is I really would kiss Cloud20 on the mouth and totally mean it the wrong way! haha Wow, who would have thought some a simple little thing like this would work? Not me, that's for sure    I was totally expecting to find this problem resolved in one of two ways...either "So sorry, but you're SOL" or an absurdly long response about going into my iphone's "guts/operating system" and needing a strong knowledge of computer code or whatever that junk's called in order to find and retrieve the missing bookmarks. LOL I can turn stuff on and off, open and close, restart or reboot all day long!    I wish everything on my mac/iphone/ipad could be resolved this easy! Thanks so much to you and Cloud20 .....  I'm so relieved that I'll even throw in some tongue with the kiss    

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    I was told not to hold down the sleep/ wake button and home button to reset the the iphone or ipad, that it was the same as pulling the plug on the computer and was not safe. I was told this by the genius bar folks on two different occasions. The issue in this discussion is old, I know, but this happened to me this morning on both my iphone 5S and my ipad! The quitting safari on my device and then reopening it brought the reading list back!



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    Actually, you can recover lost Safari bookmarks of iPhone in 2 different ways:

    If you have ever synced before you deleted data, you can scan and extract iTunes backup to recover Safari bookmark from your iPhone.

    If you don't synced, you can directly scan and recover deleted bookmarks from your iPhone. However, you need the help of iPhone recovery tool, otherwise you will not be able to do.

    I hope it can help you!