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    Hi, I believe I have the same ihone and os as u. I also had the problem of it being recognized by the latest version of iTunes. The reason on my phone was that I hadn't used it or had it active for a few years and hadn't been updated along with iTunes thus iTunes newer version didn't recognize it. My solution was to take an old computer out of mothballs that I had and that had an older version of Itunes on it. It was instantly recognized and I was able to get to the Congratulations page, ( congratulations you have successfully unlocked your iPhone). One thing though, if you find an old version resist the prompt to update iTunes for if you update it you'll lose your only chance to have it recognized Good luck, I hope this helps. Robert

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    not true, mine was also jailbroke and restored and was still able to get factory unlocked. Robert

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    don't buy a new one just yet!! read the post I sent you!! Robert

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    You might want to look at the date stamps on the posts you're responding to.

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    You're absolutely right, my bad. I don't usually get on forums but I just last evening had to deal with the problem and was surprised someone else was experiencing it also. Again my bad, Robert


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    I am having a similar issue after I restored my iphone 3g. I am able to see the desktop but the phone will not recognize my carrier, it does not says invalid sim or no service, just when I check on settings, general, about, it says carrier not available. The phone was unlocked, jailbroken. I tried to restore it because it was acting weird (volume key not responding, etc).


    Version 4.1

    Modem firmware 5.15.04


    I appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

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    ChinoRD wrote:


    The phone was unlocked, jailbroken.

    And if you actually read the terms of service here, or spent a few minutes searching the forums, you would know that discussing jailbroken/hacked phones is forbidden by the terms of service.


    You can not get help here.


    Find an answer elsewhere or buy a new phone.

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    hi , i've got the same problem , my iphone 3gs is on "airplane mode" while activating ,but now how can i get back and switch it off?

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    I found this very useful. My dad somehow got my old phone stuck where I couldn't do anything and this allowed me to restore to factory settings.

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