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Please can somebody advise?

Having had iPhones for ages (3GS and 4) I have never had a problem transferring photos from my iPhone to my Windows Vista laptop. I have always plugged it in, then used the 'autoplay' option.

No problem.

But with my new iPhone 5 this option does not come up, nor is the phone visible in my 'Computer' section - the only thing that is is Photo Stream.

This is an empty folder.

I don't want to use iCloud - although it seems to be set up on my iPhone. If I ask it to delete the account it says it will delete everything stored in iCloud off my phone, so I am scared to do that!

Can somebody please explain (in very simple terms - I'm no techie!!) how I can do it 'the old way' - ie just transferring photos directly?

I sync and back up my phone as I should, it is just the photos that are a problem. The only way I have been able to do it so far is emailing them to myself!!



iPhone 5, iOS 6, Windows Vista laptop
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