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my microsoft office wont install properly since i downloaded os6 onto my notebook ,help

MacBook, iOS 6
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    Well we are going to have a hard time here without some clarification. iOS cannot not run on a MacBook nor any computer. It is a different OS only for iDevices. You cannot download iOS to operate your computer.


    So first we need you to do "About this Mac" from your Apple menu and post what it says for Mac OS. Looks like this:


    About this Mac_intel.png

    It will be where the line in the example says, "Version 10.6.8." Please post that.


    It sounds like your problem is that you installed Mac OS 10.7 or 10.8. Through OS 10.6, the Mac OS let older programs never written for an Intel processor---Office 2004 is one---to run on Intel Macs using a technology called Rosetta. Apple dropped this starting with version 10.7 and that's why Office 2004 stopped working for other people.


    The only fix is to upgrade Office to at least Office 2008, which runs on either iIntel Macs of the older (pre-2006) PowerPC Macs. The current version is Office 2011

    You have also posted in a forum from pre-1998 Mac hardware that gets little traffic. I'll ask the Hosts to move you to the Macbook forums even though your really have an OS question.