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For the past couple of months I have not been able to sent picture messages to people who don't have iphones.  I thought it was because a new update was coming soon.  Once the update came and I downloaded it, it still was not working.  I can send regular texts to people who don't have iphones but just not pictures.  I have tried sending pictures to both people with iphones and without.  I can send them to people who have iphones.  Also, the ones who are non iphone users can't send me pictures either.  And it's not just certain phones because I have tried with 3 different people who have different phones and different service providers.  I have searched online and tried what other people have suggested but can't figure it out.  All my settings seem to be fine.  I have a 4s.  Someone please help!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Start looking at all the photo apps you have on your phone... If you downloaded an app that only allows certain types of files, you may be in a situation where an iPhone can view a bitmap image, but other phones are not able to.  If that doesn't help anything, then I would try a restore to your phone, and last resolve would be to contact Apple.

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    I typically only take pictures from the camera that was originally installed on the phone and send them.  Would installing a picture app have anything to do with that ever tho I am not using it?

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    Yes, it could allow the app to change the types of photos allowed to be viewed and sent, but also change the format in which they are taken.  Essentially, if the App is only functional for JPEG2 images, then it will stop the phone from editing, and sending/receiving pics in any other format.  If Removing those apps doesn't help, then first, I would do a network reset.


    Settings > Genreal > Reset Settings > Reset Network Settings.  This will not cause you to lose anything on your phone, but rather, it will reset all WiFi settings, and your connection to your carrier tower.  This could be the issue.


    Also, you could contact your carrier...  For example (because I don't know the details of your contract), if your hubby doesnt want you sending/recieveing pics, or your on your parents contract, they could have turned off the feature to send./recieve pics...  But if your communicating to a phone via iMessage, then that feature can't be stoped via the carrier because it's essentially an instant messanger dont over the internet..   Also check you restrictions.. If you acidentally restricted phonos on your phone, it will do the same thing... It will stop texts from sending/receiving pics, but cannot control iMessage as its an instant messanger and not a Text.


    If this doesnt help, then I would consider restoring your phone off iTunes.  You shoul dbe backing up regularly(once a week min) and then you may be able to correct this issue.  If a restore doesn't help, then I would visit an Apple store.

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    I deleted all camera apps that I have downloaded and it still didn't work so I reset the network setting like you suggested.  It still did not help.  It keeps saying not delivered when I try to send the pic.  I don't think it has to do with my provider since I have unlimited data package and my fiance, who is on the same plan, isn't having any problems.  I guess I will try to contact my provider and if that doesn't help I guess I will go to the apple store.  I'm just hoping I don't need a new phone because I think my warranty is up.  Thanks for trying!

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    If you PUSH atthe store and insist that this issue was caused by updating to iOS 6, they should replace it at no cost.

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    I was having this problem and I turned on cellular and turned off wireless in settings and it took care of the problem for me. Give it a try and see if it works for you!  Good luck, hope this is your problem too!

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    This solved my problem! Thanks!

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    So glad I could help! You're welcome.

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    If your having problems sending picture messages from your iPhone to Non-IPhone users. I suggest you check that go to 'Settings-Messages-MMS Messaging' insure this MMS Messaging is turned on.


    Hope it helps.

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    All I had to do was go to my settings then messaging and check to see if mms messaging was on and it wasn't!

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    What exactly did you do to fix your problem? I'm having the exact same issue and I'm not sure what you guys did to resolve your issues. I went to Settings/General/Network and made sure Wi-Fi was turned off, and Cellular Data on. However, the problem is still there and I'm not even sure if that's what you guys did. Please message me back if you see this. I really want to be able to send MMS again...

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    I had the same problem and enabled MMS in the messages setting, and can now successfully send and receive picture messages from non-iPhone users.  It had nothing to do with WiFi or cellular settings, in my case.  Just that pesky little MMS setting.

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    I was having the same problem recently. I called my network and it turns out that I had capped my account with them. So because mms(picture msgs) aren't included in my monthly allowance, they wont send. I removed the cap and all is now fine.

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    Maybe someone can help me??? I have an Iphone 3G and just updated it to the 6.1.3 series and i am having the same issue. I have tried all of the above scenarios and it is still not allowing me to send pictures to other is driving me insane

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