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I have a 10.8.2 server serving netinstall images DHCP and SUS. Suddenly it stopped serving IP addresses, and after checking in Server.app I got an error "An error occurred on the server while processing a command. The error occurred while processing a command of type 'getState' in plug-in 'servermgr_dhcp'.



I ga see in the log for the DHCP service that its in fact recieveing ACKS from devices but i cannot view connected clients och see the status of the DHCP service in Server.app, version 2.1.1 to be clear...


It also seems like the netinstall service is having difficulties serving clients.


No change was made to the server, but there war a pending update, the small update to 10.8.2 ver 1.0 interim update. I applied it, but nothing changed. Still same problem as before. As an attempt to fix this I removed the /var/bootpd.plist and let the service recreate it. it populated with old data?!? Where did that come from?


I then proceeded to deleting Server.app and emptying the trash, rebooted and reinstalled Server.app from App Store. config showed successful, and then the same error in Aerver.app. what is the cause of this, and more importantly, what is the fix? can I somehow reset the DHCP service? And where are all files associated with the service so I can delete them and have them recreated?

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    No one else have this problem or a suggestion for solving it?

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    Normally the main config file is /etc/bootpd.plist I don't have access to a machine to check for other related files right now. I have also see reports that currently the Internet sharing feature in Mountain Lion server can conflict with the basic DHCP server function. Internet sharing (aka. NAT) also uses the DHCP code. So you could check and turn off Internet sharing.

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    I have the same trouble. I have been very careful to not modify anything except from Server.app and everything worked great for several weeks of testing, and then I made an image of it.


    Then after an hour or so in the war zone (deployed) I got the same troubles. If I restore from the image it works for some time, I can make static maps, etc. and then suddently out of nowhere it stops working the next time I start the program or the program is open and I want to add a new client.


    I was hoping OS X Server had finally matured, but it still has this wierd bugs, and worst of all, very hard to debug.

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    Hi I too have this issue.

    DHCP seems to be working but I get the error message and DHCP service is marked as OFF.

    Server app does not list any clients in server app.

    I can edit the settings and they are saved. ( I can confirm with sudo serveradmin settings dhcp)


    changeip -checkhostname checks out OK. My only modification so far has been manually starting the RADIUS service to work with non-Apple APs.

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    Thanks for answering. This is an ML server, and I don't use Internet sharing. I have deleted and let the server app recreate the bootpd.plist file from scratch. No difference. I can edit dhcp settings and have them save, but when reopening server app I still get this error and I can't see connected clients.

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    No one has found a solution to this yet? I can just add that the Server app 2.2.1 didn't help either....



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    Hi, I can confirm Server app 2.2.1 did not help me either.


    I have an ongoing bugreport on this. Please do the same so we can get it worked out.

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    I had same problem with:

    the error occurred while processing a command of type "getState" in plugin 'servermgr_dhcp'

    and serverapp crash.


    In terminal running:

    sudo serveradmin status dhcp

    It did said it was running, stopped the dhcp service in terminal


    sudo serveradmin stop dhcp


    Went to folder


    did a copy to my desktop of file: dhcpd_leases

    then deleted the file from /var/db/dhcpd_leases


    Start Dhcp service in terminal:

    sudo serveradmin start dhcp


    Everythings seems to work

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    Thanks! That worked!

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    Thanks a lot! Really works!

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    Mikaellofgren's solution worked for me too.