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    Only had my new Nano a week. Downloaded latest software, added all my music and it doesn't work..


    Keeps pausing on every song. Longest it's ever played is about 5 mins!! Have tried several different headphones including the supplied ones. Music is fine as working on other family members ipods and also on my previous one.


    Not going to bother waiting for Apple, just going to take it back and hope that the next one works. (My sons works fine).


    Come On Apple, sort this problem out!!

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    Just to say : I also have a 7th gen Nano, and it does exactly the same bug, but only when I plug it in my car too. The solution is to keep pressing the screen every 30 seconds to keep the screen from turning off. After a litlle while, if you let the screen turn off, it will play just fine...


    I also noticed that this bug occurs more often and is way longer to cancel if the battery is low

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    Wow. I googled this again today and mine was the 1st post to come up. Okay, update.


    The other week I was at a mall with an Apple Store and decided to just bring it in. They just have me a brand new iPod because I told the guy, it doesn't do it with headphones and my phone doesn't stop playing when plugged into the car. So, I got the new iPod, updated the software, loaded it up and within a day, it was still doing it! I even bought a brand new auxillary cord. I think I might just ask to return it and pay $50 extra dollars for a new iPod touch. I mean, after 2 Nanos and 3 connector cords, I don't know what else to do.

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    I bought one Nano 7gen for my wife that used it for a while without problems. But, after an update, it started jumping between songs and the talking guy started saying the song name! I connect to my MacBook pro and I updated the software again and the things went worse. Even, the radio started changing alone, without touching the screen or the buttons. I changed the settings, I reset the setting, I googled the problem, I deleted the songs and loaded it again... nothing. The talking guy appeared, the radio jumps to other stations, the songs stopped alone... After read in this post the comment of zer0dark30, I realized that the thing go wrong after a software update. I return to the factory software through Itunes, and after two hours working, the things go perfect and the talking guy is in his box ;-D. Thanks zer0dark30 but... what happend with APPLE!!!!

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    bad luck!!! After 5 hours the talking guy appeared again and the music started jumping! I will go to an Apple store to claim for a replacement.

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    I recently had this issue with the Nano 7th Gen. Even talked to Apple Support. We tried everything. Apple finally said it was a defective one. Therefore, I exchanged it back to Best Buy & got the iPod Touch. No more problems for me.

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    I just bought my nano yesterday and I'm having a problem with it pausing when I so much as touch the headphone jack. It maybe a manufacturing defect, the connectors for the jack seem like they are only on one side of the port. It's possible that the connection can get lifted off when you touch it and causes the problem. It doesn't seem as bad with the apple ear buds, than if you any other headphones.

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    I am having the SAME problems!!! I bought a blue iPod Nano 7th generation 16 gb on April 7th, haven't even had it for a MONTH. I connected my iPod to aux. cord in my car and randomly it would pause my song, then when I go to play the music it skips! Skips about every 5 seconds, I thought it was just my aux. cord but I tried about 3 different aux. cords and it did it with all of them. Tried my headphones (the ones that came with the iPod, did the exact same thing!!!!!!).... took it back to Best Buy last night and they issued me a brand new one, got into my car this morning listened to about two songs, after that it paused and skipped again. Called Apple was transferred about 6 different times.. and finally he told me to take it back to Best Buy, which is STUPID so basically all the iPod Nanos are having the same problem and every time I have the problem with the iPod I’m going to have to take a trip to Best Buy every night??? I’m taking one more trip to Best Buy and get another one, if I have the same issue I will be getting a refund, this is just STUPID. – APPLE FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @tracisingh did you have to pay the difference for the ipod touch?? They suggested that to me also, but I don't think I should have to pay more money out of my pocket for Apple's fault...

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    OK im in! I finally found a thread where people are experiencing the same thing!


    Bought an Ipod Nano 7th Gen Red last year in october. From the moment i plugged it into my car's AUX, it seemed like a wasted buy.


    The iPod automatically pauses every 30odd seconds, and for majority of songs, it has this 'skipping' problem which occurs in the songs every 3-5seconds!  It only happens when i plug it into my car AUX.


    I've tried 3 different cables, and i dont think its my car system or speakers either, its new and i think Audi's pretty good. AND to prove that its the problem with the iPod Nano 7th, i plugged in a few other of my iPod models that were of older versions, and they all played smoothly.


    THe iPod itself plays fine on the earpods or any other earphones, so ive a feeling it just doesn't work with car AUX and this is an issue....


    So to conclude, this NANO 7th IS HORRID and needs a software update asap. COME ON MAN APPLE. Dont make the new Nano 8th without rectifying this, thats just Zero customer etiquette to your consumers and supporters!

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    Pauses in the car, not with headphones though, and doesn't play every song either, skips some songs I assume because of the format but my old ipod (nano 1st gen from 2007) didn't have a problem with them

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    I'm experiencing the same problem. However, after using the thing for about a week (while experiencing the pausing issue) I cracked the screen with some keys in the same pocket (I know, stupid mistake) and now I'm afraid that Apple or the retail dealer won't take it in for repair.

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    I'm having the same issue.  Only when used in the car, the ipod is only several days old and it didn't happen the first day I used it in the car but I didn't use it all that much... now it does it every few seconds.

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    I sure wish I had NOT purchased an iPod Nano 7 three months ago. I've been having the same problem ever since I bought it, and I've narrowed down the cause.


    My Nano 7 pauses mid-song EVERY time there is ANY vibration or movement in the earbud jack, regardless of earbud brand. Because I only use it while working out, that means my Nano 7 is WORTHLESS to me.


    I tried to get my $140 back from Best Buy today, but they don't care about my problem with Apple's shoddy product; to them, it's Apple's problem, not theirs. Best Buy got their cut of my money, Apple got the rest, I got the shaft.


    One would think Apple would spend just a little of all that cash (sitting on their balance sheet) on product testing before rolling out failures like this, wouldn't one? The Apple store is a half hour away; next time I'm in that area will be a month or two from now. I would save myself a lot of time by simply smashing it to little, itty-bitty pieces with my sledge hammer. Might make a fun little YouTube clip, come to think of it.


    Bottom line: For all the good my new iPod Nano 7 is doing me, I might as well have flushed seven twenty-dollar bills down the toilet. (It's not the dumbest purchase I've ever made, but it's right up there with with the ski boat I bought, and then never trusted anyone but myself to drive it.)

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         I seemed to have had the same problem.  My iPod Nano (7th Edition) would start pausing itself after a couple of seconds of playing music.  I would unpause it, it would play a few more seconds, then pause itself again.  Sometimes, the music would even start to skip like a scratched cd.  It only happened when I had it connected to my car or other auxillary speakers.  It never happened with headphones.  This baffled the **** out of me because the iPod was brand new.


         Anywho, I had heard of TVs (I forgot which ones) that turn themselves off when too loud.  I didn't understand how lowering the volume would help, but it seemed similar enough to my situation so I tried it.  And sure enough, it fu**ing worked!!!  It makes sense because I never had the volume at 100% when using headphones, but i did when using my car speakers or other speakers.  So now I keep the iPod's volume level at like 80% (or lower) and it doesn't happen anymore.


         I can only imagine there is something within the software, sensing the volume of the files themselves, and pausing the track when it hits a maximum level.  Maybe it's a safety feature.