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    What apple could do at a firmware level:


    1. Decrease sensitivity to removal of the connection

    2. Add a toggle in settings to turn this feature off

    3. Increase the amount of time after sensing removal before the device auto-pauses, to determine if that was an erroneaous detection.

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    Exactly, why they haven't done this is my question.  I can't even use it anymore till the update the software.  it doesn't work consistently work in the car or with headphones.  Biggest peice of crap I've tried to use in a long time.

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    Reducing the output volume has worked for me thus far. It is also consistent with why I sometimes experience the defect in the car, but never on headphones (as sometimes the volume would be set to max in the car but never with my headphones). Time will tell if this "fix" sticks. Regardless of a workaround, I still consider this a defect.

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    I am having the exact same issue! I though I was the only one. I bought for over a year, so the warranty has expired (too lazy to bring it in), and now I have turned this into a DIY project, and please note, i have no experience with this. I bought recently a new audio jack and i am in the process of installing it. I am suprised Apple did not have a recall. THEY SHOULD RECALL ALL IPOD NANO 7 GEN. This has happened to many people, so this is a MAJOR BUG. Plus, this is the only Apple product that I have bought in my life, and I am VERY DISSAPOINTED. The people at Best Buy were puzzled and could not help me, the suggestions by the Apple employees were not helpful, so this is TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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    I posted in here before. Regarding my iPod Nano 7th Gen Red. Bought back in Oct 2012.


    It used to always pause whenever using it in my Car AUX of my Audi A4. Every 5 seconds it would pause by itself, and no matter what type of AUX cables i use it does not work. I even bought a new high-end Aux cable, sadly to no avail.

    Proven that it is the 7th Gen's problem as all my other older iPods work fine on the car. And I never had any problems with any of my earphones, Klipsch, Earpods, Beats.


    Recently been driving my dad's car instead (Audi A5), system is a built-in, and I've to plug the iPod into a charge cable that transfers the entire iPod into my Audi's electronic user interface.

    AFTERWHICH, I have NEVER had this problem ever again. SO it is right to say that its the power output or electrical flow of the AUX that is incompatible with the iPod 7th Gen. You must CHARGE your iPod while playing it in the car, to prevent errors.Or use a built-in system to play your iPod.


    Sad to say, it is not very user-friendly that way, but this is one way to go about rectifying the problem.


    "Like" if it works so people know.

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    This what I think:

    The headphone jack is a bit too big. There are no issues for TRRS plugs, called 'iPhone headphone' in this picture: 350x700px-LL-b21b55ae_1326601897_935[1].jpeg


    But, if you use the standard stereo headphone, and you move the wire towards the center of your iPod, where the buttons are located, the metal isn't connected everywhere. The iPod feels that the current isn't coming through, and pauzes the music because it thinks you disconnected the headphones/audio cable.

    I have a solution for the problem, I use the iLuv iPod remote cable. This little cable puts a TRRS plug in your iPod, the kind that doesn't give a problem. Similar cables do probably exist. They'll look like this: 31iKLnxHXJL._SY300_[1].jpg

    This helped me, because with me the problem is clear: the headphone socket is a teeny tiny bit too big. I'm assuming that this is the case for every iPod nano 7. If the problem can be induced by wiggling a normal headphone jack, you probably have the same problem and the same solution might apply.

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    I just experienced the same issue like others: the ipod nano 7th will pause/stop while playing music when connected to an auxiliary device.


    I read all the post reply's and I found I try with every single solution an d the only one that worked for me is lowering the volume.


    When I connected the ipod I raise the volume to the top, then after a while -sometimes 10 minutes sometimes 20 minutes, anytime the ipod suddenly stop playing. I believe is something related to software because when I turn up the maximum volume and the lower one time de volume then will never stop again, in other words, just don't have the ipod working to the maximum volume when using a external speakers.


    By the way, I have the firmware 1.0.2, I tried in several speakers, cables and every single time the ipod stop playing when I had maximum volume, however, when I lower it with just one step then it didn't stop, I don't know why this "fix" work, but for me it does, if someone know why please explain it here.


    Does somebody knows if I update to version 1.0.3 the problem will go away? I am very disappointed with this product, I'll stay away from other crApple products, this was my first and last purchase, I can't believe that this cost me almost twice than other products and I have to deal with this kind of problems.


    I also noted other "defects" with the ipod, when you add lyrics for example the viewing time is too little and the text very small, if you are reading those when playing on ipod  it only stay visible for about 10 seconds, after that the screen returns automatically to the play screen, too bad I can't see it unless I have the finger touching the screen constantly to prevent to go away.


    Another problem is that if you want to hear the music with the album option every time a whole album completes the song it will pause automatically, it won't continue to the next folder, very annoying to have to press the pause/stop button so the ipod continue to play.


    Well, thanks for reading, please if someone have experienced  any of this issues and have a solution please post it.

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    I purchased my iPod nano 7th generation back in November, 2013. Worked fine. Then, seemingly out of the blue, the headphone connection just failed. I tried several other earphones and none of them worked, suggesting that the problem was in the nano, not the ear/head phones. After reviewing (and trying)  solutions offered here, I tried what milhouse.vanhouten suggested, i.e., turning off the "Shake to Shuffle" feature in the Music Settings. Worked like a charm. Thanks, milhouse.vanhouten. I don't know why that worked, but it did.

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    I seem to have the same problem with my (quite expensive) shure in-ear headphones. Every time I touch the (firmly inserted) headphone-plug or lock the screen, the ipod stops playing. It seems to work fine with the apple-headphones but they sound awfull compared to my highend-inears... :/


    This really ***** and makes this thing pretty much useless for me since I don´t want to buy new headphones. I am using the ipod for working out and this is bound to happen alot.


    I just talked with a support guy from apple and he told me that If I´ll send it in, the apple technicians will test the ipod only with apple headphones and that they´ll likely wont find any failures...


    Did anybody solve this issue?


    Is this a design-flaw or is it a hardware problem?


    Will a new unit solve this problem?


    If this is a general design-flaw it could really easily be fixed with a software upade: The ipod should not immediately stop playing after detecting a removal of the headphones but after 3 seconds...


    Greetings from austria!

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    It is a known design flaw. If you read my post (3rd post before yours), you'll find that there's small cables you can put in between your earbuds and the iPod. You could also buy a TRRS plug and modify your cable, if you know what you're doing. But I suggest you don't try to mod your expensive shures. The kind of cable that I mentioned isn't that expensive (shouldn't be more than 15 dollars, but probably is a lot less). I hope you'll find a solution and please let us know if you do!

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    You said:



    Another problem is that if you want to hear the music with the album option every time a whole album completes the song it will pause automatically, it won't continue to the next folder, very annoying to have to press the pause/stop button so the ipod continue to play.



    If you touch the 'replay' button, that shouldn't be an issue.

    I also find the lyrics thing a very big software flaw. You have to touch the lyrics every 10 seconds to keep seeing them, which moron wrote the software for that? There fit about 7 lines of text on the screen, if any artist needs more than 10 seconds for these 7 lines, he's not Apple-compatible.

    The worst part is that when the text fades away, and you tap the screen again, it starts FROM THE TOP, so you have to scroll back to the point where you were. Some company needs to get their **** together.

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    Mine will do this with my aux cable as well as my headphones.  I also have had it pause on it's own with my blue tooth speakers (wierd) when I adjust the volume.  It is quite frusterating, I wish it didn't do it.  It seems to not have the problem when I have a full charge, but that could just be a fluke.

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    Following the advice posted by SMT1948, turning off the "Shake to Shuffle" feature works for me, I was thinking on bringing the nano to the mac store and make the warranty effective, but now it works as new, so no need to go there at least for now.


    hope you find it useful too.

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    I bought a new Ipod nano 7 after replacing one I washed...Doh! The first one had no issues but the second seemed to break down to the point where it was constantly pausing and freezing. Nothing has helped fix this. I took it into the store and they reset it to factory settings. It then seemed to be ok for about a week and the same issue is now there. I cant use it as it wont play any songs at all. Very frustrating as I had a Nano V2 I think for about 10years without any issues???!!!


    Might have to go in and get them to replace as now I have read other users having the same issue I know its not me...


    Come on Apple - this is ridiculous!

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    This theory made the most sense to me, so I bought one of these:



    It did not solve my problem. Even with this TRRS adapter cable, if you press on the plug it'll still pause the nano.


    Not sure what to do now. Have already tried everything in this thread and was going to take it back to Apple, but those of you who say your replacements do the same thing... have me wondering if this is just something Apple isn't going to do anything about.